Army Reserve post AOSB Pay

Hi chaps,
After laughing at some of the ridiculous questions on here for many years ... its now my turn to be laughed at.

I am a soldier serving in an existing army reserve unit and have recently been through the AOSB process. Actually ... thats a lie, I applied over 18 months ago, passed AOSB about 6 months ago and still haven't been formally handed over to an OTC by Capita (and they wonder why recruitment is so low!).

Now my understanding is that as a serving reservist, after passing AOSB I am entitled to Ofcr Cadet pay, however my unit are refusing to pay me at that as they have no officer cadet slots. 6 months worth of that is about £400 so I am keen to get the additional money if I am entitled to it.

Am I right? I checked JSP 754 and it didn't say much. Can anybody point me in the right direction?
Thanks for posting and I had seen that. My unit is trying to say that because they 'do not have officer cadets' in our unit, they wont pay me as one.
Passing AOSB does not make you an officer or officer cadet. There needs to be a pid for you and Glasgow make the appointments.
You Unit (usually the Adjt/ RAWO) needs to apply to Army HQ for an OCdt PID to be established in your Unit. You can then be transferred to this PID and paid at Level 1 of the OF1 pay scale (you automatically go onto Level 2 once you commission). This PID is removed once you commission.

I forget the Dept (it may be DPers) you apply for this PID through however it is covered in a DIN and your Adjt should have received direction on this circa 3 months ago.

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