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Discussion in 'US' started by supermark500, Mar 3, 2009.

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  1. I've got an American wife (I'm British) and recently she's been pretty keen on moving back to the US (we live in UK now). If we do move back in the next few years I'd like to be involved with either the National Guard or the Army reserves as I'm currently in the TA. Is one seen as 'better' than the other? I'm not really sure what the NG does. Would someone please explain? Also, as a British citizen would I even be allowed to join either of these?
  2. I don't know about joining them per se, but you can apply for permission to train with them whilst still a member of the TA. It would have to be for a finite period and your unit would have to agree to keep paying you.

    Army National Guard has both a State Mission(Hurricane, Forest Fire, Riot, etc) and a Federal Mission (Combat). Nasty Gurls also have Combat Arms units varying from Infantry to SF, Armor, Arty, etc. They can and do deploy at up to Brigade Strength to Iraq & Afghanistan.

    42nd Division (from NY) did deploy as a C2 in 2004 to Tikrit and had Active Duty Brigades under its command, as well as Guard units.

    Typically a New Guardsman who isnt prior Service goes to Basic Training/AIT alongside their Regular Army comrades- Ft. Benning, Ft. Sill, Ft. Jackson, etc. Drills(Called MUTA-Multiple Unit Training Assembly's) are usually weekend based. A MUTA-5 runs from Fri Nite to Sun Nite. Annual Training (AT) is usually 2-3 weeks at an active duty base(or sometimes Hoehenfels, Grafenwohr, Camp Fuji Japan, etc.).

    Make no Mistake though, if you do join, you WILL deploy at some time to either OIF/OEF. Somewhere in a Briefing we were told that the National Guard now is at 82% "Combat Veteran" Status(for what thats worth).

    I have men in my unit who have deployed 4 times since 2001 as Infantry to A-Stan and Iraq. 2 were unit level, 2 at voluntary augmentation to another unit. 1 Ssg. has deployed 5 times (2 A-stan, 2 Iraq with 82nd Abn, 1 to A-stan with TF Phoenix). Many of the members are Police, Firemen, Court Officers, State Troopers, Crackheads, etc.)

    Army Reserve is under the Federal Control at all times.

    It consists mostly of CS, CSS units, I Believe the Only Infantry unit is Hawaii's 100th Bn/442 RCT of WWII fame. There are also some USAR SF units, but mostly it is Blanket stackers, MP's, Medical, Civil Affairs, etc.
  4. I'd expect to deploy at some time. I'm expecting to with the TA in the next year or two.

    Hawaii is exactly where I'd be if we moved back, that's where her family are. I'll check out the websites. Thanks for the help.
  5. There are certainly worse places to be assigned. If both the Army Reserve and the Guard have jobs that you'd be interested in doing, I think I'd go the Guard route: The opportunity to be used in a State role for anything from civil disturbance through volcano evacuation strikes me as being more satisfying than just hanging around waiting for the next Federal deployment. However, I think the first question is "What job do you want to do?" and then "Which organisation within a commuting distance has such a job?" You don't need to go to the closest, I drive over six hours to get home from drill last night. The closest armoury is about ten minutes up the road.

  6. From this side of the pond:

    My time in green was brief and long long ago. The (now former) wife was 22 years as an officer in USN Reserves with deployments during Gulf war (one to Pentagon, one to Bahrain). I therefore cannot tell you too nuch about current policy on green side of things. As to wife, after the first few 2 week AT's which were training she got AT's in nice places (Norway, Germany, Italy twice) Also AT's in the US for 2-3 weeks for specific jobs for events.

    However, you do not have to be a US citizen to join you need legal resident status. If the bride is a US citizen there should be no problem. Citizenship would only be an issue if you required a higher than secret security clearance IIRC.

    Hawaii - wow, at the end of a New England winter that sounds very nice. Is her mom single? Does she have an older sister who likes older men? Never mind, I would never be that lucky. Good luck with the move.
  7. One older and one younger sister ;)