Army Reserve Manning - MoD Response

It doesn't actually do much to address the training pipeline issue (which you and I foresaw back in Sep 14). The only practical solution to that is more courses.
Not wishing to derail the thread but I think that 5 courses in one (calendar) year as opposed to 1 or 2 is probably a decent showing.
I believe it resulted from the planned OPMI 3 training exceeding the permitted time allowed for Phase 2 / Class 3 (not sure which) by Reserves policy

I am not convinced that the OPMI 4 is anything other than a convenient way of massaging the "trained"strength figures, no matter how well it may be justified by policy.

I Because they have to do so much training before the CQE, they had to create an artificial split so the CQE + three semesters of pre-training did not exceed parameters.

It took me just under a year to achieve my class 3 qual from phase 1 and I was a flyer amongst my peer group (in terms of time rather than ability). I am aware of many recent phase 2's who have been in the training pipeline less than that. If cleaning weapons and mucking out the changing rooms for months while waiting to be loaded onto a course was deemed to be within parameters rather than progressive, continuous training then we have definitely fixed something that was broken.
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