Army Reserve grew by only 20 in the past year...

"Army reservist recruitment figures have been attacked as “shocking” and “embarrassing” after the ranks of part-time soldiers grew by just 20 in the past year, despite a Government drive to sign up thousands.

The latest Ministry of Defence manning figures show the number of Army reservists rose from 19,290 to just 19,310 despite a multi-million pound recruitment campaign.

The MoD insists it is still on track to grow the Army’s reserve forces from 19,000 to 30,000 by 2019, as the number of regular troops is cut by 20,000.

Growing, re-equipping and retraining the Army’s reserve forces is a cornerstone of the Coalition’s cost-cutting defence reforms."

Defence on the cheap as Cameron emasculates the military further still.
"Senior military officers admit the recruiting campaign got off to a “very bad” start last year, but insist they are still on track to hit their targets."
Christ, the targets must be pretty modest then.

Julian Brazier, Minister for Reserves, said reservists were making a “tremendous and growing contribution” in Afghanistan, in the fight against Ebola and in civil crises like this year’s flooding.
A weak argument to counter a cock up.


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With all the barriers to these 'plans' actually working and the constant rubbishing in the press, is there a chance that when the result is not '30k trained reservists enthusiastically chinning off work to go on every 3 week course going' that the Army Reserve will have another drastic cut of unit and establishments?
I like the last line in the article best - “No one is panicking yet...”!

Along with Julian Brazier's comments, they rank alongside the Tower Hamlets Director of Education comment earlier today, about countering extremism identified in an OfSTED report about Sir John Cass's Foundation School, he was 'confident' in the headteacher, because he'd received a CBE in the New Year's honours!

Goodness me! I'd hate to think how many MBEs, OBEs, CBEs and K's floating around MOD main building and Army HQ, but I'm buggered if any gongs have amounted to more than 20 additional reservists in a year, although I guarantee ARTD and Def Pers had a sprinkling of tin! What's the betting that the pattern of those awards will continue at previous rates by New Year 2015, but that the size of the AR will cause panic in the Spring?
As has been said (and discussed) in other threads the problem isn't so much that the AR only "grew" by 20 but how many trained personnel left.

According to the recruiting drive seems to be working, with 5,200 joining in the last 12 months (27% up on the previous year), but that means that retention must be an unmitigated disaster - as well as it obviously not yet being known how many of the new recruits will stay the course (3,600 or some 20% are still "untrained").

Those statistics are even more worrying (page 44): between April 2014 and October 2014 1,730 people joined FR 2020 trained strength but 1,760 left - a decrease, in which the AR performed worst of the Services, going down from 19,390 to 19,310 with 1,500 going out but only 1,420 coming in.

There are also a number of factors that are simply ignored - for example HRR (High Readiness Reserves) need their employer's agreement before they can be accepted; no problem for the unemployed or students, but when/if they become employed their new employers may not be quite so willing to lose them so readily leading to an even higher wastage rate of trained personnel.

Its not looking good .....
Whereas in the next year government policy is for the average age to go up by 20!

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