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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by LahdidahGunner, Aug 3, 2013.

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  1. Sigh.....

    Army Reserve |

    But then my 4 days pay a year extra (holiday pay) and possible access to an as yet unknown level of contribution to a pension in 2 years time will more than make up for increased mobilisation powers and redundancy risk.
  2. Oh not the pension again, no you can't.
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  3. Only four.....don't forget IIRC, they will come out of your MTDs for that year, so if you have only 40 then you can only get 3 paid days...

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  4. Less moaning please! Its better than before isn't it?

    I had an email this week with details of 33 civilian courses I can apply to attend in order to strengthen our capability. They include everything from two week short courses right up to MSc's and MA's. All course fees paid, MTD's for attendance paid, MTD's for home study paid, ADC contracts if necessary, all travel and hotel accommodation paid.

    The fees for some of the courses are over £10,000, and some of them are overseas! Funding is available for people to attend 215 of these courses.

    This is good stuff!

    Edited to add (to avoid any more PM's) - this is only for AMS TA, but I'm sure other capbadges will be doing similar. Contact your CoC/PSI/TM.
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  5. Does that mean a day off at ATP like in the old days?
  6. To be fair a lot of you ***** still wouldn't be happy even if you were carried aloft a golden throne and paraded down your high st with fair maidens scattering rose petals in your path. You'd still drip even if you got the same benefits as a reg but with none of the commitment.

    If you don't like your terms of service you can always **** off elsewhere.
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  7. What colour rose petals?

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  8. How many fair maidens?
  9. It would have to be a 24ct throne though.
  10. Still coming to join the party then?
  11. Nah, we've got our full allocation of short ginger whingers.
  12. Looking through your objective and balanced response, my ultimate decision based on the current direction of travel might be to do just that.
  13. It would have to be a reinforced and super strengthened throne.

    With a hoist system.
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  14. I'm wondering why the OP looked at a US Army website.
  15. How has no one else said that this is a ******* US Army website!

    woops bravo got their first my bad.