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Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Bexxx, Mar 8, 2006.

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  1. Hello Boys (and girls)
    I am trying to find out about the Army Reserve immediately postWW2. Wouls a soldier returning from service overseas have been required to join the Army Reserve on his return, automatically transferred into it, or would it have been a voluntary thing? Your input would be much appreciated. Ta.
  2. Not too sure of details but have heard anecdotes of Soldiers who served in WW2, went onto the reserve, but then called up for Korea. Some were even taken prisoner.

    Hope this give soem sort of steer.
  3. My Father was a Captain in the HAC during WW2. He was transferred onto the regular army officer reserve when he was demobbed in March 1946 and he wasn't a regular commission officer.
  4. Thank you Vimeiro and Andyroo
    Any idea whether they had a choice in the matter? I assume that if they'd been called up, rather than enlisted of their own accord, they would have been released from service when the war was over? So then transferring into the reserve would have been their choice?
  5. My Father didn't have a choice. He wasn't mobilised for Korea though.
  6. My understanding is that demobilised personnel were placed initially on something called the Z Reserve. The Z Reserve existed for the same purpose at the end of WW1, but was abolished between the wars. I know that my father was on the Z Reserve and was called forward with many others for medicals at the start of the Korean conflict. He was not re-mobilised but others were. I think that the Z Reserve was the basis for Spike Milligan's absurdist comedy, "Down Among the Z Men".