Army relieves 172nd Brigade Infantry Commander

GRAFENWÖHR, Germany -- The Army has relieved the commander of the 172nd Infantry Brigade, shortly before the unit intensifies its training for an Afghanistan deployment this summer.
Acting V Corps commander Brig. Gen. Allen W. Batschelet said Tuesday that Col. Frank Zachar was relieved of command on Monday, “… due to loss of confidence in his ability to command.”
Batschelet said there was no specific incident that led the Army to relieve Zachar.
“There weren’t any illegal, immoral or unethical activities,” he said. “His [Zachar’s] leadership style wasn’t really effective and over time the command here lost confidence in his ability to command.”
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Army relieves 172nd Infantry Brigade Commander - Germany - Stripes

Sounds like a bit of a career ender to me. I'd be interested to learn what his next assignment will be.

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