Army Registration of the Week - Nominations

40 KG 20

this is easily my favourite reg. firstly it's balanced somehow. It's even. the first number is divisable by the second, which i think is neat and tidy.

it was my wagon's reg and i often found it easy to quote as it rolled off the tongue. it is easy to remember because 40 is quite a key birthday and my dad was 40 once,( and mum), and if you divide 40 by the first number of the other number, you get 20, which is exactly half.

KG also seems balanced as it is an SI unit in the metric system, thus giving the registration a modern feel.

to conclude, i feel that 40 KG 20 is a modern, dynamic registration about town which would suit any up and coming thrusting young soldier who feels they are destined for greatness.

Does anyone else have a favourite registration from a military vehicle? and more importantly, a nice detailed description of why it is your favourite.

A winner will be selected on Thursday 30 March (Winner goes through to EuroReg Qualifiers)
Legs said:
WTF - Having a boring night are we?
Ah...Oscar Wilde character traits, are you Steven Fry?

You are clearly in need of a B2 Jimmy Tarbuck Comedy Course....(see your Course Clerk, if they laugh then there will be no need to go on it)...if you go passed the MT, collect a few numbers, see if any of them appeal to you.

if any do, then nominate it for Registration of the Week and see how far you get. If you use the prose which you can so eloquently bandy around, then i'm sure you are on to a winner from the very beginning.

i guess if i have too many boring nights, i might rack up 600 odd posts in a few months.
This is bizarre, but I'll play along

81AM32 & 09AY57 (both RAF plates you'll notice) because I now own both vehicles.

17KJ21 was always the quickest V8 110 at Wulfen & 90KE01 was the RSM's and also the one we used for Dvr Trg at Haltern and broke it's chassis!

Very sad :eek:ops

editted cos i got a number wrong and really thought you'd care!
I'll see yoru 40 KG 20 and Raise you 45 KF 55

A delicious if not slightly dented L/R 110 FFR if you chip away at the three layers of Olive paint you'll see the blue gloss it was painted in to go to Norway, where it was suitably stuffed in and covered up by a very very lagered up sproggy MDN

I aslo still have the work ticket holder in my old bergan upstairs.

.45 is my least facourite calibre weapon and 55 is the number of times I've scratched my sack today. KF aren't the initials of my favourite envelope manufacturers and they don't appear together in the periodic table.
My old 110 - 34 KF 00 or 34 k'foooo.......

My new FFR - MR 62 AA or Mr. 62......

and the list goes on, well it does untill this purile drivel stops anyway..........
I spotted a plate of a black VW van which was **69 CUM a few years ago at Wathgill. I'll stick the photo in the gallery when I get back.
SCoy said:
I spotted a plate of a black VW van which was **69 CUM a few years ago at Wathgill. I'll stick the photo in the gallery when I get back.
although it's not an army registration i can see the validity of the post by virtue of the fact that i'm a soldier and it's my default setting to appreciate anything childish or unfunny to the untrained eye.

I especially like the way you have blanked out the first two characters, my train of thought is that you are hiding them because there is the kind of person who will use some kind of database to track down the said vehicle, stalk the owner, and attack the owner in a park with a ballpein hammer, and whilst the police are looking for said attacker, a bored noerth-eastern alcoholic loner will speak into a tape recorder and send the police on a wild goose chase, only to be caught 25 years later, with the press getting hold of his (or her) photograph, which, unfortunately, seems to have got their most psychotic side ( gurning ).

Well, it's either that or you can't remember.
I once saw my name and last 3 on a german plate - sprogs who dont know how thats possible stop reading now...... - obviously for opsec reasons I cant say what it was but it was bang on, so much so I was nearly tempted to track it down and attempt to buy it, which on the face of it, is quite sad, but, when you delve deeper, its actually VERY VERY sad indeed.............

Ho Hum.
Ling - is that you driving it or do you all wear cool shades over where you come from?..............
SCoy said:
Heywood_Jablowme said:
Well, it's either that or you can't remember.

Edited to congratulate you on a superb avatar, which I actually thought was her in my intoxicated state :D
I have (beautiful) name, SCoy. "her" indeed!

Ling means clever, Lan (maiden name) means blue. I can imagine what your name means, so no need to enlighten me.
Battsimm said:
You velly funny grrir, you make Battsimm raff ass off..............
Ah, but wait. No one else has noticed I post here, yet. They slow. Wait for whingers, they are coming up other side of hill as I type, hundreds of them. And they NOT Zulus :)
I'm Recce troop - that last post was sarcasm..................
01 ET 19. MCVF E Tp 3 Sqn 1 Armddivsigregt 1976. Needed to touch it up like a good woman to get it started (ask tr*v n*wton). Wonderful old girl, never let me down.
02ED98 a lovely old girl. I managed once to get her airborne by a clear 6 feet and she still didn't let me down. Wonder if she's still in service.
Bobos - yes it did - larry trashed it about 100 yds from the gates and it got changed for an mk - ive posted the photos somewhere.

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