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please could anyone help or advise me:
my son aged 15 has applied to the army foundation college because he would love to have a career in the army. he has not done great at school as he is just not academically minded. he joined the local army cadets 3 years ago and it is the only place he has ever suceeded in anything. he has gone through part of the selection process at the local army careers office i.e. the barb test, the 2 mile run etc and passed all that fine- he has in the past suffered from OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder)- it really came about as a result of me and my husband's divorce- it was a really anxious and traumatic time for us all but seems to have affected him the most. he had treatment for just over a year i.e. an anti anxiety drug and some sessions with a psychiatrist to explore the relevant issues. he came off the medication a year and a half ago and has got better and better since then. he has had no more medication or contact with the psychiatrist since then and no presenting symptoms. he has gone through the ranks in cadets and received a colonel's commendation at annual camp etc- i know this is peanuts really in relation to anything to do with reality but in a small way show's his commitment and some level of potential and stability. we just had the letter back from the medical officer at lichfield today saying because of the ocd he is not fit for military service. my son is gutted as am i and his stepdad- i expected a deferral of some sort but not really a complete no. in the original medical criteria it mentioned that a person could be refused if they had ocd but not if it was quantifiable i.e. if it had been for a specific length of time. i am a civilian asking for army advice and i do not wish to impose on this discussion board because i do not belong here but i would be genuinely grateful if anyone knew of a similar case or could provide any advice on where i might go next to help my young lad.
many thanks in anticipation
a worried mum.



Can I suggest that you put this request on to RAMC forum? You will get a better and more competant answer there.


It is truly a shame that your young man might be denied his chance to serve. I'm not a pompous arrse so I won't preach, there are many reasons (as I am sure you will have reasoned for yourself) why OCD might exclude an applicant for service.

There are however avenues of appeal; I have access to lots of Doctors and Occupational Health Specialists, I'll ask and then PM you the 'general' opinion; if its positive I might need some more info if your willing to disclose it (confidentiallity etc), not much, just what form his OCD took.

Your more than welcome to PM me and to CC in the MODs as well.
I agree with the sentiments above - I am sure you can imagine some of the reasons why OCD would exclude an applicant. So much in the military relies on a dependence on other people (although I am no expert on OCD).

I appreciate your concern, but before you appeal please think again (I am sure you already have done) about what is best for your son's overall welfare.

Whilst I am sure you will not consider this an option - the ACF is a very good avenue in itself. If he is excelling at that, why not continue? He can go on until 18 or so, then become an instructor and have a lot of fun doing what he already enjoys1

I guess I'm just suggesting the alternative to a


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