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Army Redundancies

I stumbled on this article in today's Telegraph. Even if partly true it recognises a blinding glimpse of the obvious. The irony of this 'plan' was not lost on me as the day it was announced my inbox contained 3 job trawls all for Infantry Officers whose ranks were in the Redundancy bracket, the usual hot holiday destinations of course!

Army calls halt to redundancies
By Sean Rayment
(Filed: 04/12/2005)

Plans to make almost 200 soldiers redundant have been scrapped amid growing concern that too many are leaving the Army.

A similar policy to shed 120 officers, mainly infantry majors and lieutenant colonels, by next June has been delayed by 10 months for similar reasons.

The redundancies form part of a controversial restructuring that will see the infantry reduced from 40 to 36 battalions over two years.

The policy change is deeply embarrassing for the Ministry of Defence, which has come under growing pressure in recent months to ditch the restructuring and keep the size of the infantry at its present level. According to the Ministry of Defence, the number of soldiers leaving the Army through natural wastage is higher than expected.

The about-turn is the first real admission that the MoD faces a retention as well as a recruitment problem.

Many serving soldiers blame the frequency of tours of duty in Iraq for the retention problem. Some soldiers have already completed two and in some cases three six-month tours of duty in Iraq.

In October the Sunday Telegraph obtained an MoD document showing that the infantry - which employs about 28,000 soldiers - was 1,859 under strength. It said that 38 of the 40 battalions are also short of soldiers.

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