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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Kromeriz, Oct 24, 2012.

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  1. Radio Prague - Czech Army to lay off 1,500 personnel in 2013

    “The aim is to get closer to a more ideal proportion within the army, which means that higher-ranking officers should account for around 20 percent, 30 percent should be warrant officers and 50 percent non-commissioned and regular personnel.”

    What is the figure for the British Army at the moment?

    Is this moment coming to the British armed forces - and be careful here, because despite all the talk of cuts, how have they really gone in the British armed forces?
  2. Well done.

    Very, very well done.
  3. Also, apparently Jimmy Savile is dead and a couple of jet aircraft have crashed into some tall buildings in New York!
  4. Have you ever heard it expressed in terms of percentages as to British armed forces planning? They are really pushing their operational capability. Do we?
  5. Maths never was my strong point, correct me if I am wrong. Are the Czechs really going for "one on one" supervision?
  6. Your right about the ... pyramid being unusual but the usual suspects should be along to claim that we need snr braid for this and that and their various teams. However, may I refer you to previous threads where we have more Stars than Battalions... time for coat methinks...
  7. Sounds typical of an ex-Soviet organisation who will depend on large numbers of conscripts/reservists for wartime to me. The "Warrant Officers" most likely do technical jobs that require more than a conscripts training.
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  8. Most Illuminating, thank you.
  9. Exactly what I thought - but surely the important thing is whether or nor the warrant officers in the CZ military are entitled to salutes?
  10. If you would bear in mind your role in the UK armed forces and the fact that there is no conscription in either the Czech or Slovak Armed Forces... we could get back to the point...
  11. Wait, wait ............... it;s coming back to me ......... something about bears and errrrr you know those things with lots of trees. Oh yes and defecation.
  12. Well, of course - "Active Reserve" and all that as far as the Czechs are concerned. But it is still an organisation shaped by the Red Army, and not the only one at that.