Army recruitment on the increase

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by bossyboots, Aug 18, 2006.

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    Its good news for the army and the dole queues, particularly as unemployment is on the rise. At least the situation in Iraq and Afghanistan doesn't appear to have put them off.
  2. I wonder if the two are linked (as always have been), and if geographic areas loseing industries are directly linked to the increase.
  3. Good news for a change.
  4. Reading Adam Ingram's statement, picked up and regurgitated by the BBC I am reminded of the scene from the Film 'V for Vendetta' in which during a scene in which government managed news is reported on the state-controlled media, a member of the news team asks the producer: "Do you think people are actually going to believe this shi!t? "Why not", he replies, "Our job is to report the news - it's the government's job to manufacture it!".

    Given that the Government have manipulated the laws of evidence to provide for evidence of bad character to determine the issue of guilt in criminal trials of the great unwashed. This odoriferous little Prole sees no reason for not applying the same standard to those who habitually present a picture of reality which is often indistinguishable from that which appears in Lewis Carrol's 'Alice in Wonderland'.

    Remember the report published by Global Strategy in June of this year entitled: "Fork in the Road" whose author is Michael Ancram QC MP, a link to which appears on another thread?

    This is what he said at page 3 of his report:

    "All governments rely too often with surprising connivance by the media on a programme of disinformation perpetrated by politicians, refined by treasury mandarins and loyally articulated in public by serving defence chiefs. It is a blatant and in my view, damaging conspiracy constanty to pretend that our defence capabilties are improving and our objectives are succeeding when the reverse is the case."

    Remember the report from March of this year when the Ministry of Defence was 'tumbled' for doing precisely that?,,1724008,00.html

    I am rather inclined to take Ingram's statement with a rather large pinch of salt and call into question his motives for making such a statement, a political statement, picked up by the BBC and presented as demonstrable reality. To suggest that all of the problems which so many members of this and other forums as affecting the Army ranging from poor equipment, overstreach, loss of confidence in the chain of command, the treatment of casualties on casevac from operational areas and so on actually do not exist since why would recruiting actually be rising?

    I do not want Ingram to give me his subliminal message that things are getting better. I do not accept his assertions. What I actually want before I even consider his statement to be true and accepted by those who have a blind and naive faith in statements issued by authority figures, is actual proof!

    I am rather doubtful that it will be forthcoming!
  5. Of course recruitment getting better is fine (if true - and i think it has marginally) - but you need to examine both sides of the equation. How are the retention figures? It is only when you add the two together and get the Net Outflow/Inflow that you get the true picture.
    As the previous poster says this is still spin - the inference is that because a few more blokes have been recruited all the other problems are not so bad after all - which of course is b~llocks!
  6. I agree with Iolis - anything MOD says in press releases should be viewed with suspicion. That this comes so soon after the Defence Committee's damning report is no surprise.

    In the same report is this little gem:

    Inaccurate BBC reporting, or based on a MOD press release that wants to help us to believe that all is well with NI because Bliar tells us so?
  7. I'm pleased with the increased recruitment , regardless of the geographical origins of the recruit. If someone joins the army and makes up for the dwindling numbers with me on ops, who am I to argue? As Whistleblower says though, it's retention that really matters. In some instances I would rather have one soldier who has served 9 years than three soldiers who had served 3 years.
  8. I have a young friend staying for a few days, he is on summer leave, and he has told me that around 100 have left his unit, he is infantry - but there isn't a problem as they have had lots of new recruits.
    So it seems there is a retention problem, none of the youngsters want to do more than four years.
  9. So only 80% of the great British public think we're among the best armies in the world - what a pack of ungrateful, ignorant and ill informed little turds the remainder are!!
  10. there is supposed a deficit of 3000 in the infantry by christmas, more where it not for those class adverts, i am given to understand that the problem is the same as it was after the RM "99.99% need not apply" adverts went out. Many more recruits, just most not reaching the requirements!
  11. It is being discussed on the Jeremy Vine show on Radio 2 now!
  12. I see that the BBC has now corrected its earlier inaccuracy:

  13. What the army aren't quoting however is the majority of these new recruits are commonwealth citizens not british nationals.

    So not neccessarily good for UK dole queues.
  14. That'll be most of the Muslims, all of the Irish Republicans, all fathers of teenage girls living in or near any Garrison town, all of those who went AWOL and still are and any Landlord who's has a pub wrecked by drunken Toms.