Army Recruitment Crisis

Discussion in 'Strategic Defence & Spending Review (SDSR)' started by Moonraker, Aug 11, 2013.

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  1. You will need to subscribe to read the full article, but this gives you the gist of it. Just thought I would post it to give most people who regularly post here a warm glow of satisfaction that they had been right all along.

    Army recruitment crisis | The Sunday Times
  2. Alternatively, copy and paste?

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  3. Saw a commanders' round-up of the Continuous Attitude Survey a couple of weeks back via email. It stated that 51% of regular soldiers would never consider joining the Reserves - and wasn't redundancy meant to provide a stream of recruits for the AR?
  4. reserves, Granted i can only speak for my unit, have plenty of people in the system, both 'civvies' and ex regs. problem lays with the system taking too long, people getting ****ed off with it and pulling out. hardly suprising really.
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  5. Cause people will really want to re-join as a stab after being shafted and made redundant as a reg...
  6. No, they couldn't cope with the pace!
  7. True, I couldn't eat that much in one sitting.
  8. Would have made sense, if when applying for / given redundancy, that TA transfer request was sent with it and then suitable incentive given
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  9. How is anybody even slightly surprised at this, it's a failed model by anyone's standard's.

    A, Its too early for stats until post completion of 'all' tranches.
    B, UK firms have limits within the retention & recruitment, throwing money at a failed model isn't going to improve the issue.
    C, Many regulars are all to aware of the next forthcoming SDSR will hurt even further, even financial incentives fails to tempt.
  10. Thank you FMP and J28 for the BBC link. It covers pretty much everything in the Sunday Times article except for a paragraph on a new initiative to "ensure the nation is in no doubt that the army is recruiting." This is to be done partly by an increase of £550K in the hospitality budget which commanders will be permitted to spend "without undue encumbrance" to "promote and develop corporate support through funded entertainment at upmarket venues with the opportunity to interact with reservists and senior officers." The press will now be on high alert for stories about lavish junkets which have done little to improve recruiting. The target is to increase trained reservists by 11,000 by 2018. There are probably better ways of spending £50 a head.
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  11. Every single person who I've spoken to who is in the process of leaving told me without a shadow of a doubt they'd rather shit in their hands and clap than have anything to do with the army once they'd gotten out.

    "Fair enough putting up with this bull***t as a job, but to do it in my free time? F*** off!" was the general consensus.

    Loads of time and effort has gone into advertising, but I still haven't heard anything concrete on how exactly they're going to stop blatant discrimination against reservists when it comes to employment - and that's not employers being evil, they quite rightly want to know how their company is supposed to function when half the lads scarper off to some African dump to have a punch up with the new West Side Boys.
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  12. ..."without undue encumbrance". Really?
  13. Give me one good reason why an employer should take the hit on his bottom line to enable somebody to go and work for somebody else.
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