Army Recruitment and Popular Opinion

That’s exactly my point; the white working class pool from which we used to recruit has dwindled. There are many other aspirational paths available and what remains not following one often disqualifies itself through drug use. The old ways of recruiting were dislocated by demographic change.

IMHO the recruiting partnership was a golden opportunity to reset recruiting for the C21st. It’s been squandered.
If you are a typical white, working class lad. Who enjoys the odd spliff, or line of charlie at the weekend, are you going to take a job in the Army paying 18k a year, along with all of the bs that comes with it, or a job on a building site that pays over 20k? With the added bonus of no bs?
It doesn't take a genius to work it out. Does it?
Happy to but it will derail the thread because it won't be a single post. There's no condition beyond starting a thread to discuss it. I should point out that I have previously attempted to trigger a discussion of this on another thread but Stonker refused to engage, preferring instead to continue to misrepresent me. I'm just bored of him attempting to derail multiple threads with the same tedious crap.

If you think I'm setting conditions then please start a thread about it yourself. I'll cheerfully respond.
It's your claim, just start a thread, see just another precondition.
The recent adverts have been ridiculous. The stopping the patrol for a pray up one wasn't great but the one that really makes me cringe is the cracking hug one, whoever came up with that one needs sacking, whoever signed it off needs sacking with pension removed.
We need people who will stick a bayonet through some ******* face and we're advertising for people who are worried that they might not get a cuddle FFS..........
Soldiers who criticise Army's new recruitment ads about inclusivity could face disciplinary action | Daily Mail Online
Great, got a link to the DIN, ABN or Part 1 Orders ^~
No, because it's a made up story from the Daily Fail.

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