Army Recruitment and Popular Opinion

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by One_of_the_strange, Jan 10, 2018.

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  1. Yes, well perhaps the idiot who had the bright ideas moment might have noticed things aren't too friendly to the West in Mogadishu these days.
    Join the people who've been blowing up Uncle Jahmals skiff… yea, that will work.
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  2. I went through training in 1978 & our NCO instructors were no nonsense experienced professionals who could turn from a screaming scull to a shoulder to cry on in the blink of an eye. I left in 2000 last job was recruit instructor & applied the same principles, so i don't see where this idea that all 3 services have never been compassionate & understanding to it's recruits & trained personnel.

    I see these adds as a step in the wrong direction if only for the fact it's promising things it can't enact.
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  3. Here’s the graphic if anyone hasn’t seen it:

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  4. jrwlynch

    jrwlynch LE Book Reviewer


    Dr Ian Hill, OBE, an accredited Home Office pathologist, carried out a post mortem examination on Baha Mousa’s body on 21 September 2003. The Inquiry commissioned its own report from Dr Deryk James, also an accredited Home Office pathologist. James produced two reports. Both pathologists gave evidence at the Inquiry.

    There is no dispute that Baha Mousa’s body had sustained 93 different external injuries, as well as numerous internal injuries. In summary, Dr Hill identified multiple bruises and grazes situated on the head, neck, torso and the upper and lower limbs. There was distortion, swelling and bleeding from the nose, which had been fractured. There was slight swelling of the brain, a large area of bruising on the left side of the chest measuring 12 cm x 10 cm, and fractures of the 7th and 8th ribs close to the spine and the 8th and 9th ribs in the mid axillary line.

    Dr Hill based his findings on the cause of death on the physical examination of the body and statements available to him made by soldiers about the circumstances surrounding the death. At the stage he made his report he concluded that the cause of death was a combination of strangulation, postural asphyxia and multiple injuries. (
    Yeah, just "a little slap"... once you've beaten and strangled one detainee to death, it's rather harder to claim "but we'd never mistreat prisoners".
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  5. It all makes sense now...... the recruitment campaign is devised to help achieve the manpower cuts in the Amy ....... or am I being too cynical?
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  6. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    It’s the perception in some communities that we are not open to all that does the damage. The perception is yet to catch up with the reality.
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  7. ...and we can only pray that it never does.
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  8. Bring back the "BANTAM BATTALIONS" very successful in WW1 :) Bantam (military) - Wikipedia
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  9. It seems pretty certain that wasn't strength will fall by 11,000.

    Will the reserves be further increased?

    I think they're at 35,000 at the moment.
  10. JCC

    JCC Clanker

    Losing 40 or 50 cap badges may turn out to be a good thing.
  11. Do we have that many left?

    Maybe we’re moving to an ‘Army’ Capbadge but keeping all the manpower
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  12. Indubitably
  13. Have we actually got that many?

    When you look at the potential line up of casualties in the defence review gun sight - 14,000 bodies, sacred cap badges and a pile of golden calves the spin gets harder to encourage anyone to join an organisation that appears not to know its arsse from its elbow!

    Lovely quote seen on Twitter - 'There are no safe areas on the battlefield'
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  14. Apart from in front of the Gunners...
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