Army Recruitment and Popular Opinion

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by One_of_the_strange, Jan 10, 2018.

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  1. I think part of the issue has been the governments eagerness in the past to self-flagellate in order to be able to demonstrate “something is being done about it”. The Met police “institutional racism” for example, Iraq & Afghanistan mistreatment of prisoners...
    Anything regarding discrimination is put on a pedestal by the govt so it can demonstrate a zero-tolerance policy.
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  2. Would that be when the straight white working class soldier committed war crimes?

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  3. What point are you trying to make?

    Phil Shiner was gladly assisted by the govt until it got too out of hand.
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  4. War crimes? Giving somebody a little slap?
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  5. Mean while the Times announces three options for the next round of cuts as Ugly ,Ugly and Ugly, with 11,000 going from just the army, hardly any incentive to want to join.
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  6. Memories here of the short lived attempts by an RNR unit to recruit from a cities Somalian community...
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  7. They could simply bin heterosexuals and whites, instantly increasing the proportions of sacred cows in the process!
    makes sense- their small boats handling skills are second to none!
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  8. What about migets? How many migets are there in the armed forces? None! Blatent discrimination. Why shouldn't there be migets - think of the economic benefits, smaller tanks, less compo, tiny uniforms. And tactically they could sneak in where others fear to tred and yet, they can all hold a full size grenade - totally effective. End the hypocracy now - just like 'brexit' diversity means diversity!
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  9. Caecilius

    Caecilius LE Book Reviewer Kit Reviewer

    That's actually the Army's chosen COA. The choice facing CGS is to reduce headcount and have a a meaningful EP or to keep the bloated headcount and have an awful lot of Light Infantry battalions with no artillery or tanks.

    The cuts the army want would actually make it a better organisation to join, but I don't think the politicians will see it like that because the Telegraph headlines are unlikely to explain that nuance...
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  10. Friend of mine (Works in MB) was telling me about how the good ideas club came up with the great idea, of creating a Sikh regiment. Seems all the sycophants were getting very moist about it. That is until the engagement people, called a meeting of the Sikh’s that are actually serving to ask what they think. Turns out that there are about 130 of them, rank ranged from OR1 to OF4. Serving right across the range of jobs, from helicopter pilot, to Infantry man. They all thought it was a bad idea as it would work against integration and pressure to be pushed into one trade (Probably infantry) would inevitably result in another very poorly recruited regiment. Think of it as if you were only allowed to recruit for the RGR from Ghurkha patch brats. I bet some O-JARs went down the pan that day.
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  11. No substitute forasking the customer what they think. Defining the customer is another matter however.
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  12. I actuality agree, The Navy and RAF bits look savage. I have done a quick search and not found the options anywhere on here so shall reproduce them, Apologies if they are already covered elsewhere on the site.

    Option One - Personnel cut 14,250 (Army- 11,000, RN/RM-2000, RAF-1250).

    Land- 59 Cap badges to go (Do we have that many?) 3Cdo* and 16 AA*combine . Ajax cut from 598 to 509.

    Sea- 7x Type 23 and both Albion and Bulwark

    Air- All Wildcat (62), All Puma (23), 8x Apache, 11x T4 Merlin. Tornados retired early.

    Option Two- Personnel cut 14,000 (Army – 11,000, RM- 1000, RAF-2000)

    Land- 39 Cap Badges lost, 3x light Infantry regiments (Bns’ ?) and 3x Cav Regiments lost. 3Cdo* and 16 AA*combine. Ajax cut from 598 to 509. Warrior upgrade programme reduced.

    Sea- 2x Type 23 and both Albion and Bulwark

    Air- 8x Apache and all Puma (23)

    Option Three- Personnel 14,000 (Army- 11,000, RN/RM-1500, RAF-1500

    Land- 42 Cap badges lost. 3x light Infantry regiments (Bns’ ?) and 3x Cav Regiments lost, 1x Strike Bde. Ajax cut from 598 to 509. Warrior upgrade programme reduced.

    Sea- 2x Type 23 and one Amphibious ship, the other going in 2023.

    Air- All Battlefield Wildcat (34), All Puma (23) and All C-130 (?)

    The only bright side of this is we will be picking the peanuts out of this for weeks , here on ARRSE
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  13. I'm sure some bright young cove did a little research and found that the Somalians have a long history as British merchant seamen, 'lascars' on the crew manifests, and were recruited by the RN during WWII and had a bright ideas moment.
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  14. The TV adds go live tonight, I wonder if I will be able to keep up on the word count :)
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  15. Caecilius

    Caecilius LE Book Reviewer Kit Reviewer

    I think there's probably some more recent data to suggest the Somalis know what they're doing when it comes to maritime combat.

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