Army Recruitment and Popular Opinion

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by One_of_the_strange, Jan 10, 2018.

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  1. Forgive me, but are you saying that it isn't the case that the RN is experiencing a significant period without a fixed wing capability?

    The process for bringing in the new carriers may mirror that of previous ones, but previous ones (except HMS Ark Royal - thanks, Google) were supplementing or replacing other carriers.

    It's not unreasonable to complain about the mismanagement of the Navy.

    I've not done any time in the RN at all and it's obvious to me that it is a humiliating screw up.

    With your 40 years as a fish head, please explain how Navy recruitment should in fact benefit from the lack of a fundamental modern war fighting capability?

    The recruitment problem is made worse by those in the know complaining on social media about mismanagement.

    The solution to that isn't for Tom Squaddie and Andrew Tar to keep quiet, it's for the politicians and senior command to stop mismanaging.
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  2. After options for change, there seemed to be a surge of applicants with the surname ‘Gapped’ that lasted at least ten years, if the watch & station bills were anything to go by.
    Proud military history this ‘Gapped’ family, with a long history of service.
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  3. My apologies for thread drift, appreciating this thread is about the Army but the issues are the same.

    Agreed, it's no good shovelling 'em in if we're failing to retain. For about the last year to 18 months, those joining the Navy will, in part, have been influenced by Navy School and will definitely be serving afloat.

    Too early to say with regard retention but if you treat people like shit, they walk, whatever the service.
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  4. Slight thread drift.......
    I think the RAF have made good inroads into this space
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  5. Caecilius

    Caecilius LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Definitely the latter.

    I don't agree with the Tim Collins reaction that we've all gone soft, but these adverts target a very small group of people. If they presented good reasons to join the army alongside pointing out that we're an inclusive employer then they'd be great; maybe something similar to the 'made in the Royal Navy' adverts, but making a more explicit point about people from non-traditional backgrounds.

    Instead we have adverts that don't actually give a reason to join, they just target the handful of people who would have joined if it wasn't for perceived discrimination. That's a tiny cohort and the lack of any persuasive reason to join means that the adverts won't appeal to anyone else whatsoever.

    Also, the radio advert where the bloke talks about his mates filling his bergan with rocks is just daft - did nobody think that civvies might not understand what a bergan is?
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  6. Certainly have done over the past 4 years whilst I’ve known people under training there, so for certain until Nov 2017.
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  7. Almost certainly interpret as a crack-sack - got to transport the gear around somehow until you find a buyer.
  8. Agreed, it appears to be trying to appeal to an unquantifiable number- unless there is a database of people who ‘would’ve joined but...’.

    The MOD needs to accept that some people of certain inclinations / backgrounds simply do not want to join, and in some cases, would be ostracised by their peers / family if they did. How did the RNs provision for female Muslims pan out with the uniform head dress...

    Look at it from the other side...what would happen if Interflora started a recruitment campaign targeting building sites...

    There’s a plausible case that male heterosexuals are under represented as cabin crew in the airline industry. Target them with a series of adverts highlighting work hard-play hard, showing blokes drinking on a beach down route, surrounded by pretty hosties. Chances are, many red-blooded blokes would think “Ill have a bit of that”...and apply. Would it work out though? Would “Dave” whose hobbies include arm wrestling and lighting his farts in Wetherspoons actually enjoy or be suitable for the realities of the role?
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  9. Much though we may dismiss YarS, the Russian Army adverts are vastly better than anything we have at targetting a core audience.

    ‘Oi Ivan, don’t doss about on your Council estate, join the Army and well make you a hard bastard and let you kill people and break things.’
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  10. True, sat through a BAME presentation where the only BAME in a 100% white room was the invited speakers.

    Trying to recruit from backgrounds were total serving are in single figures is simply barking.
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  11. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    No it proves the point that something is putting them off joining. Some of that is cultural but some of it is the perception that they won’t be welcome and that’s a perception we have to change. In some cases that also me means we have to change the reality of being unwelcoming too.

    I have many comrades-in-arms who are gay and or from ethnicly and culturally diverse backgrounds. I want them to be able to their jobs without wondering if they are accepted.
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  12. Agreed, but the venue of raising the complaints makes a huge difference.

    There was a period of 4 years (77-81) the RN did not have any operational fixed wing capability, so far as I'm aware. The service did a reasonable recovery thereafter with regard combat capability.

    Whilst I would personally like to see a bigger, more capable Army and Navy, the danger is assuming more hulls means greater firepower.

    Consider the combat capablities of HMS Bristol, Lowestoft, Challenger, Abdiel & Triton for example in relation to a single, (now aged) T23 with with the soon to be retired Harpoon, for example.

    My observation is that there's not a great deal to be gained complaining about strategic defence capability on recruiting and promotional social media platforms because potential joiners and recruiters are not in a position to influence military doctorine.

    Potential recruits can certainly be adversely influenced by those of us who use the wrong arena to vent their spleen and implement change.
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  13. Paranoia is a difficult thing to overcome.
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  14. It only proves they didn’t join. Not that anything specific prevented them. The MOD is grasping at straws eager to assume it’s a discriminatory issue, and to be seen correcting it. What’s the difference between a commonwealth applicant and a BAME UK resident applicant in terms of their perception?
    The RN has long been subjected to banter that it’s a haven of homosexuality. I never noticed an over representation of homosexuals- by the logic of the campaign, surely that demograph would have felt especially welcome and applied in droves?.
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  15. Case in point, Gay service personnel.

    I know a few personally. Their biggest complaint?
    A lack of acceptance?

    Nope, they wish MOD would just leave it alone and stop making such a big deal and trying to push them up on pedestals as role models. There have always been plenty of gay people in the Forces, the egregious institutional descimiation against them was removed ages ago. Move on.

    These positive adverts are actually counter productive. They give an impression that things are better, ergo, there was a problem that needed fixing.
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