Army recruitment age raised

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Zorro, Jan 6, 2007.

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  1. Well not a surprise really and honestly I believe a good thing, wish theyd done it when I was 28 years old and regretting having wasted my life. Now we wont need the TA/FTRS back door.
  2. To fight the recruitment and retention problems down here the age was raised a few years back. I had resigned myself to spending the rest of my life wishing I had done it properly when I was in the Army in the 1980s .....

    Then HEY PRESTO! Now having just turned 40 I'm back in and loving it. If you're fit enough and motivated enough you're young enough. The only downsides are that those of my age recover from injuries much more slowly and those in their 40s doing a recruit CSE (not in my case thankfully) being shouted at by CPLs 15 years or more their junior have to mentally readjust. For some it's a struggle.

    If the British Army does it right, raising the maximum age (why only 33?) should prove a success.
  3. Where are You Tim, Australia?
  4. Makes a bit of a nonsense of making thos who join at 18 leave at 40 though
  5. Three words.

    Rentention, Rentention and Rentention.
  6. I read somewhere that squaddies will be able to serve unitl they're 55, from Jan 2008 I think, so you'd still get your 22 in if you started at 33.

    If this is an equal opportunities initiative then I'm all for it, as officers can serve from 18-55. Its been this way for enlisted men in the US forces for ages.
  7. msr

    msr LE

    Or retention?

    Anyway, good to see the regular army catching up with the TA again...

    P.S. Top tip for 2007 - your officers will be able to stay in as long as ours ;)
  8. Investement in retention would be more successful in meeting our needs and a better application of the versatile engagement allowing commanders on the ground with medical back up assess an individual's ability to serve beyond 22 years and contribute widely to the needs of the service. A flat and open VEng will not work due to the number of folks we break too early in their careers who would otherwise continue to block promotion prospects.
  9. The MOD spokesperson said that it had nothing to do with the shortage of recruits, and was simply to bring the Army into line with the maximum joining ages in the RAF, and RN.

    Strangely enough, that's utter bollocks!

    I trust that the recruiting age will be raised again as soon as the Army find out that they've made a mistake!
  10. Is anyone stupid enough to believe anything those lying c*nts say anymore?
  11. The situation must be getting pretty bad.

  12. I can't see this working for the infantry though. You can't have lance jacks and full screws in their forties! Imagine tring to pass seniors at 45! 8O
  13. I'd imagine people trying to join the inf at that age would be gently dissuaded.
  14. The report states that it is just so that the Army can fall in line with the other Services...mmmm....not!