Army recruiting team treated poorly

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by kev59, Mar 18, 2009.

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  1. I have recently joined one of the Army recruiting teams. When i joined them they they had only just been moved from there previous location after having been given 4 days notice to pack up and leave a location they had been based at for years. Because of this, i have never been taken online onto JPA by the previous unit that administered the team and so am still on my previous units JPA. The base we have moved to now will not administer me as a new assignment order has not been sent from the people who were meant to take me on. The result of this is that i cannot make any claims, of which i have plenty from working in london daily and having to purchase my own food(which is not cheap in London). This is the same for the rest of my colleagues. I have been told many a time that it is in the 'pipeline' but the amount of money that i am having to spend to look after myself daily is stacking up with no date for a solution. We are also entitled to Home to duty travel due to the fact that because of the very rapid move from one place to another we have been accomodated like travellers within the skankiest accomodation i have had the pleasure of staying at in Aldershot(which is a whole other topic!). And so we have to travel daily to our place of work some 11 miles away, before heading to our tasks within london. Does anyone know how our pay issues can be resolved?

    Is there any other claims we may be entitled too? We live in aldershot but work most days inside the M25, where we purchase our daily food, surely we must be entitled to our £5 daily london pay? Or is that just the decision makers living in london in there nice pads?

    I know from talking to people within some of the corps Recruiting teams that they have claimed there £1000 clothing allowance so to purchase uniform civilian clothing to advertise there corps. The people i work with tell me that our main person in charge does not want us to claim this allowance. Once again, he will be ok as he will already have claimed his i suppose.

    Recruiting is supposed to be the second highest priority of the armed forces after operations. So why are the people who are doing this task being treated like absolute rubbish? The 3 main things that will affect an soldiers morale and ability to do his job well are, Pay, food and accomodation and presently we are lacking all 3. Some help please!
  2. Firstly, why has your Team Commander not thrown this constantly at the CRR?

    Secondly you live outside the M25 and therefore do not qualify for the recruiting and retention allowance (unless you live in Hounslow), pretty much the same as i live within 5 miles of Charing Cross in a mess, and yet i work 1 mile outside of the 5 mile zone, and do not qualify, if i was living and working in the same place i would get it, yet the Civil servants who live outside the 5 mile zone and work in the same office all receive it, work that one out ;)

    I sympathise with what you are saying and i know the team you are talking about as i work in a recruiting office in London but the issues you are facing, others have gone through and still are, purely because JPA and the JPA hierarchy is so disjointed in recruiting (especially where ART's and Special recruiters are concerned) it is frightening.

    You need to speak to your team commander and get the issue raised with the CRR or the OPS WO direct at Horseguards, at least being one of their assets they are able to rattle cages elsewhere :)
  3. msr

    msr LE

    Well if their recruiting efforts are anything to go by, it should come as no surprise.