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Army Recruiting on "Holy Moly"


Book Reviewer
For those of you who don't know this great site, it's excellent for wasting half an hour. Anyroadup, a wonderful new entry there (especially the last bit):

"Army Recruiters: When I joined the army many moons ago I can destinctly remember being promised things such as rock climbing, parachuting and white water rafting on a regular basis. I was not informed that I would spend a summer exterminating BSE ridden cattle, getting shot at regularly in iraq, latrine digging, getting petrol bombed in belfast and there was certainly no mention of the numerous sexually transmitted diseases I have received from various female soldiers. complete bag of lying cunts. It now also appears that even Al Qaeda get to go white water rafting on their days off, while all I get is yet another guard duty. Bastards."

Come on now, which one of you was it, then?

My money would have been on MDN, but he's too old :)

Se it on:

This bit of "Cnuts Corner" made me chuckle...

Pyramids Absolutely craptacular.

Big triangular rocks full of dead egyptians... and people actually pay to see them?

If you like scandalous and completely unsubstantiated gossip then sign-up for the newsletter. It's good for a laugh.



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Seems like a great site where people can sound off without being ambushed by the MOD Trolls/Nazis, unlike another site very close to my heart.
Holy Moly admin Absolute proper undoubted cunts of the highest order. Not used one of my excellent suggestions which took me all of 5 seconds to think up. I hope you all get fucked with a wire brush! Ya complete set of bastards ya!

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