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Apologies if this has already been asked and answered elsewhere (I've searched and can't see anything) but my unit are looking to pull together some (cough cough) "unofficial" recruiting/marketing publications, and we're trying to figure out what the font is that is used for official publications.

And before the nay-sayers start on me, I know only too well that we should not be doing this and going through official channels, but we all know how long that will take, if it were ever to happen at all!

Many thanks all,

Why would it take a long time, especially seeing the National TA campaign has just started if you went through the correct procedures you should get it immediately.
End of the financial year is coming and there's some cash burning a hole in the RAO's pocket - it needs to be spent like yesterday!
If the RAO has money to burn in March, somebody/something has been missing out during the rest of the year...if people play that game their budget should lose the money instead of just spunking it on crap that already has a hefty budget assigned to it - i.e. recruiting material.

Which brings me onto the your (Regional) Bde HQ and get a number for their Regional Recruiting HQ (it'll be known as HQ CRR X Bde). Within that HQ there is a Regional Marketing Manager, who will be a civvy person who exsists exactly for doing this kind of stuff.
MSR, as always, when it comes to questions of such a nature, you never fail to deliver. Does your brain have its own form of web indexing system that is now plugged into t'internet in a kinda Matrix styley??? Am just working on turning the handle and am sure I'll have an answer ASAP.

Happy, I couldn't agree more, but the money is there and I'm not complaining. As for our Regional Marketing Manager, having spoken to him on several other matters, I know only too well that he wouldn't be a happy bunny if he knew what we were up to. Hence we're going down the 'unofficial' route in the first instance.
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