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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by stabandswat, Mar 7, 2007.

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  1. I was thinking of joining the regs from the TA and originally thought of RLC as Ammo Tech or Pet-Ops, however I sent off for the Army Recruitment DVD and there were several roles thats interested me from the RE and REME as well as RS. Now I am confused as RLC was my first choice but have really been swayed for RE. Which trade would be the best to give me enough of the running around in the mud but still give me a good trade when I leave the Army? I'm not looking to start a 'My trade is better than his trade' debate but more of an insight into the RE. Any help gratefully received.
  2. What trade do you think you could seceded in?

    Combat – Good all round, plenty of chance to get play in the mud
    Armoured – More stable, hardcore, play with tanks and big bits of metal
    Amphibious-Stay in Germany, Marry your mates sister
    Artisan- Start with combat and duel trade, something useful when you leave

    Also consider Commando, Para, Diving and the chance to go Clerk of Works if it’s for you. Lots to do and as much sand as you can eat..
  3. Thanks for that WFG. I figured the ACIO would tell me what they wanted to try and fill any gaps and I may not get everything I want from that trade so I figured the best place would be ARRSE!! Going to look in more depth on the Army website and see what the job profiles say.
  4. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    With recruitment and retention a problem especially retention tell the ACIO that unless you get the trade you want not only does it jeapordise your decision to join but shorten your service if you do! Insist on it its not like there's 3 million on the dole again is there?
  5. I just had a look at the careers website and it certainly does not back up the DVD. The DVD showed a few trades I cannot find on the website.
  6. How much TA Experience do you have? Corp, Rank and Courses
  7. I have no trade training right now as I have just passed CMS(R). The reg I am in is not really what I thought it would be like and I feel like i'm not doing anything different. Great bunch of lads mind.
  8. sorry to hijack the thread lol, but I've been hearing alot about the RE and most suggest that your be doing combat engineering most of the time as opposed to your chosen trade, is there any truth in this? I'm applying for Heating and Plumbing btw, if anyone cares hahaha
  9. I saw that trade and it seems ok Uber.
  10. yeh, I thought that could be a good trade in civvy street, even if you don't go into it after the army, you could always do your own plumbing in your home instead of calling a tradesmen lol save a few quid haha but there are so many bodgers and dodgy workman out there.

    for me, the Royal Engineers seemed to have the most opportunity, i.e. you do a trade and get to be a soldier aswell, I don't really fancy sitting in front of computer equipment all the time.

    so yeh, join RE ;) hehe

    with any luck I'll be joining sometime this year.
  11. ok- shed loads of trades here boyz- i am a sparky and originally got sod all time to use it- (until i pushed for it) and now my career has gone up the cone head channel- it is either for you or not- but one thing i will say is that before applying for my current job as a sparky, i was always dirty or dusty, theatre/exersice dependant. i love being an oggie (fieldie) Everyone starts as a combat engr (remind the planties of that fact! lol) and it is just your postings/choices that choose your career structure.
    I have 4 plumbing mates- 1 is now on civvy strasse in Manchester working for British Gas earning an easy 35K and he is chuffed to bits with his job. Another hates his trade but loves being a fieldy (currently a Tp Sgt at a Trg Regt). Another is a biff that has had to go resources but he still loves being a plumber (although he is shite) and the last m8 is fcuking useless with everything he does (but Mrs REFieldy is mates with Mrs FCUKING USELESS). I will say though, that a certain plumber learnt well drilling and loved that (now that will definately make sure every part of you stays dirty). I will say though that most plumbers i have met (MY OPINION ONLY) do not really get a chance to do there trade on a regular basis.
  12. Forgive my naivety but what exactly does a combat eng do?
  13. I was worrying about that, at my age of 28, I would need to do it all the time to really get anywhere. oh well... we shall see lol