Army recruiting age to rise from 26 to 33 ?????

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Eyebrows of Doom, Jan 6, 2007.

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  1. Just heard on the news that the MOD are raising the recruiting to join the ARMY to 33.
    So this means that solidiers could be fighting on the front line as old as 55. (the music from dads army plays in my head at this point) :roll: :roll:
    6500 soldiers left the ARMY in 2006, very worrying!!!!
    :idea: :idea: So maybe the best idea would be to BRING BACK NATIONAL SERVICE especially for those little Neds/Chavs that walk around the streets wearing baseball caps causing trouble. :x :x
  2. but then you run the risk of having a lot of people you have to rely on who don't want to be there.

    As long as the fitness standards are applied, and you still meet them, why should the army lose all that valuble experience and maturity which should be of great benifit to everybody concerned!
  3. If the SPAMs have the age limit at 41 and the Aussies at 55 for combat roles. Then I think the upper age limit of 33 is still a bit conservative especially in these days.

    Lots of blokes I know could pass a BFT and a CFT and they are in their 40s. Personally I think that should be benchmark, whatever your age if you pass the annual BFT and CFT you stay in, if you don't you are out.

    And scrap the age limit! Then you will be retaining soldiers on some kind of combat effectivness and getting rid of all the mongs!
  4. I believe you can join the Canadian army up to the age of 40?
  5. I don't think it will. Not in the short term anyway.

    If a SNCO/WO is still taking shit after 22 years in the army - then they will just walk.

    "Good" you may say, or "let them bugger off if they can't hack it" - but think on the reasons as to why VEng was introduced in the first place. Hopefully the system will rely on the integrity and professionalism of these soldiers without need for any recourse.

    The bottom line is, the army needs experienced soldiers for VEng employment - much more than the "older soldier" needs to stay in the army.
  6. Who cares how old the soldier is, if he can pass the fitness tests.

    As for national service, I personally don't want to be relying on some un-motivated chav to lay down supporting fire for me.
  7. Yes, but they're welcome to stag on with a Green Goddess, and put out all those fires their Pikey mates started!

    Besides, it's suprising how quickly people can become motivated when surrounded by a bunch of itinerant jinglies who make their own 'crew' from Pikesville look like the Golden Girls.
  8. I think some of the posters on 'Have Your Say' on the BBC website might squeel a little.......especially the ones who enjoy pointing out its our choice to join!!!
  9. and the forgein legion.
  10. Already done, nearly a month ago.

    As for National Service............b0ll0cks, it's enough putting up with the chav scum we've got already, never mind opening the floodgates to the rest of the cnuts.
  11. If national service comes it could help the communitys but the army wouldnt accpect mindless chavs coming in thinking they are Henno then next thing they think they can shoot a gun without holding it in the right place. On the other hand maybe it will put a bit of common sense into there minds give them a bit of self disipline.
  12. Brilliantly argued.
  13. True facts, I've always argued it with people.
  14. Sorry mate, I must take issue with this.
    What Chav scum
    Those servingin Afghan, Iraq, Bos, NI, FI, or the less well-publicised locations?
    Or those backfilling on rear party duties?
    Please enlighten me!