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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Mazur_UK, Sep 30, 2008.

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  1. Two years ago a recruiter from the local AFCO came in to my school, gave us the presentation etc and offered us all a place on a weekend camp being run by the army. In total from my year about 40 signed up. He did the same presentation to I believe, two other year groups with similar numbers of volunteers.

    Two years on and not a single person has been contacted by the Army regarding this weekend away training.

    My point is this; How can the army complain about recruitment with recruiters like that?

    Over 100 young people had volunteered to go on a weekend away with the army. Although some would have already wanted to join the army, say 1 in 25 (probably less than that), that leaves 24 young people who had at least some interest. Now obviously not all of those would go straight into the Army, but they would at least have been given a positive view, maybe going on to join the TA etc. As it is most of them developed a negative view from the experience.

    What could the army do to stop this pointless recruiting type?

    I realise this is somewhat of a rant over nothing.
  2. That may be true but you have to realise the current situation, having to look after 100 kids or whatever isn't in the armys best interests at this time
  3. Yes, that is true, however, I understand that at my local barracks there are insight courses every month or so. Would I be so hard to add a couple of extra people each time?

    Also the recruiter should have checked that it would be feasible to take people away on a weekend before he gave the offer?
  4. You may find the school authority have had something to say about an offer like this as some children will have told their parents of the offer and then the parents will have complained through the PTA thus stopping this simple offer of an insight course.
    May sound daft but not all parents like us you know.
  5. There is also the fact the teachers and their 'NUT' union go crazy every time a soldier dirties their hallowed ground with his boots.
  6. Are 'look at life' courses still run? I did a couple with 183 AYT about 11 or 12 years ago when I was at college. Had a cracking time, still remember most of their names and is part of the reason I'm in process of joining now.
  7. msr

    msr LE

    Get over it.

  8. Maybe because the good NCOs go to training establishments, the very good NCOs go to Sandhurst, the best NCOs go SF, but the Chuck Norris's go to recruitment teams. :wink: