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Army Recruit Video

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by The_Newbie, Jan 12, 2006.

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  1. Indeed - Very shinny! The British Army has some of the best recruiters. (It fooking needs them as it hs some of the worst conditions a kit around!) :D

  2. its been posted already in the acf otc section but it beats the hell out of most of the multimillion pound recruiting videos - and it was made by a ccf cadet!!!- its worth watching just for the opening quote from a certain monsieur chirac "we must make our armed forces more like the british. They are the best in the world and must be the model for ours" and who says the french don't have taste.

    surely the PR guru's could hire this kid, for a start he's from the target audience (age etc) we want instead of some camp arty farty PR type, and surely it would cost less (MOD must be interested then!!!)
  3. That is one of my favourite videos ever, put that on telly it makes better watching than that one about DROPs driver loosing and load and using chairs to get footballs or the posh officer bouncher one. That sound track is great as well, someone hire that kid!
  4. Top Foo's music. It is a good vid. The real vid for Learn To Fly is one of the funniest ever

    Dave Grohl Rocks
  5. Got to agree. Fair play to the maker.

    although the new infantry ads that came out this week are a bit more like that,
  6. The music's great and the video's okay, but some of the titles are a little disjointed aren't they? See CVR(t)s, read 'Logistics'. See tabbing, read 'Combat Survival'. See Siggy clinbin microwave mast, read 'Fibre Optics'. Not to mention rapid titles at the beginning and slowing down as the ideas run out. Like I say, not bad, but I wouldn't expect it to be in any recruiting campaign soon.
  7. Wasnt that the 2miler from a programme about Senior Brecon!!!
  8. Also radio technician, the signals no longer have those, or maybe one or two of the old school but even then they have, are no longer called that , and if they did i am dam sure you wouldnt get one working on a Ptar equipment.

    Having said that, the video is still better than other ones i have seen before, well done fella,
  9. A Radio Tech wouldn't know where the back door of Relay is, much less be able to cut the alarm wires on a TACE to stop it waking him up.