'Army recruit tells how he went AWOL after becoming a victim of brutal bullying'

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by mcflurry, Sep 8, 2013.

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  1. So the coc found out about it, one of them involved was arrested and he then refused to press charges and then went to the papers instead. It boggles the mind.

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  2. Alternate title : Mincer fucks off home before operational tour
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  3. Someone should have manned up and gone on the piss, shouldn't they?
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  4. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    At a guess his CoC won't like what has been presented in the press, and will like even less explaining themselves to their CoC.
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  5. Why? He was offered the chance to take the 'bullying' to the RMP and declined to press charges. That's not his CofC's fault. Soldiers having a fight to sort out their differences? Big ******* deal. Allegations of 'something' happening with a hoover pipe? Baseless rumours from someone who knows they're looking at jail for being AWOL and wants to try and get themselves out of the shit. A few ********* titting round in the block on a Saturday night? It's hardly Russian conscript levels of bullying is it?
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  6. "...you’re definitely going to run through bullets to save him..."

    Really? When you won't engage with your peers in a social environment, I would doubt those Values and Standards being upheld in more cheeky circumstances. And when the incident was being investigated; that was your time to get things done properly - not sloping off to mummy and the tabloids. The bullying/harassment/indoctrination/banter may have been over the top and inappropriate, but there are better ways of dealing with it.
  7. A pretty normal event in any Infantry unit, and as such a non story. The only thing that that never fails to surprise me is that idiots still post pics on face book. Then act all surprised when it comes back to them.
  8. Indeed, witnessed a lot more interesting stuff happen in the block than what the above article highlights.

    "Brutal bullying" & "tortured"?? What a fanny.
  9. Am I right in thinking the punishment dealt out here was a pube shaving?
  10. Strange thing my friend was there and said he was laughing, joining in and enjoying himself.
    The worm.

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  11. It was a hand job which brought him to completion in 97 seconds.
  12. Storm in a tea cup. How the journo's can keep a straight face whilst describing this as "torture" is beyond me.

    Boisterous behavior among young men, let alone Soldiers, is hardly news worthy material and the bloke in question would experience similar high jinx in any Rugby/Footie Club across the country.

    If ever the term "man the **** up" was relevant, this is it. I'm left wondering, at a time when the Infantry can afford to be more selective in manpower, how an utter fanny like this individual got through to Bn?
  13. Simply helping a crow get his personal hygiene admin squared away does not constitute 'punishment!'
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  14. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    Not the point that I was trying (obviously unsucessfully) to make.

    The press article puts the Bn in a very bad light, and it's untrue that all publicity is good publicity. His CoC will be disctinctly dischuffed by the way that the article implies that bullying is rampant within the Bn and the further implication that the individual had no confidence in his CoC that the "bullying" would be dealt with. The more senior grown-ups will want to know how/why this has gotten so far out of hand.