Army Recovery Capability Support (ARC)

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by Tara L, Jul 22, 2010.

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  1. Hi there, can anyone please help with contact details for the Army Recovery Capability Support/Team (ARC)? I have 'googled' & searched all the MOD (A) sites, both at home & work (currently MOD (A) myself) but have found nothing. Colleagues believe the department have recently moved to Andover from Wilton, as have the rest of LAND but I cannot 'get in'. Please help! Regards, TL
  2. The ARC/PAP10 documentation is available via the MOD intranet.
  3. Look under WISMIS on the Land Intranet. You will find the contact details on there.
  4. Found the team eventually on the D'Directory on the intranet, all passed to Dad - he's made contact & is awaiting a 'meet n greet' with Jon Griffiths (Major). Thanx for info.
  5. Tara,

    to Salisbury your nearest PRC (Personnel Recovery Centre) is in Tidworth. and we don't put names, rank and where they work on here for OpSec reasons.

    Unless they are RIP, in the press or a Walt,
  6. The PRC is not yet open in Tidworth - it's about 12 months away at present.......PRU manning is on place but that is different