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Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by bawheed, May 25, 2008.

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  1. I am searching my family tree and wish to find a great grand parents army record . ie posted where when medals and such but dont know were to find them can any one help
    cheers BH
  2. The Records site seems to be ofline at the moment but you could try here as a start.

    Good luck

  3. ok he served after 1920 so how do you go about that
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  5. I'm currently trying to research my grandfathers naval service record. The more information you have the better. There are a couple of books on this subject - try amazon.
    The national archives online service can be frustrating and you end up where you started at times.

    The following should help:

    Service number
    Service - RN/ RM/ ARMY/ RAF
    These could be on the rim of certain medals - WW1 War medal etc although the WW2 campaign medals and stars don't have this information.
    Date of birth - certificate if possible
    Date of death - certificate
    You need to be able to prove a link to you - family birth certificates etc and you may be asked to provide copies.
    The Navy charge £30.00 admin charge for the information and you have to fill in a form showing the next of kin details etc. The other services probably charge something similar