Army rations outside the ARMY and cheap!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by megandavisbutler, May 8, 2007.

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  1. Hi guys Im looking for some army rations (not through army) to take away on a walking expedition. Anyone know of some good suppliers or websites at all?? Cheers guys!!
  2. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP
  3. People sell compo on ebay but you wont get it cheap, the problem is lots of people want it, from going on camping holidays to expeditions.

    Surplus stores sell them as well but more expensive than Ebay, there are plenty of civilian alternatives that are just as good.

    The only benifit of army compo is that stuff like buscuits brown and buscuits fruit and oatmeal block , back you s**t up so you dont need to go for about 3 days, the only other benifit is it's high calourie count.

    why not just buy a few protien and energy bars?
  4. Its more the boil in the bag sorta stuff im looking out for
  5. The only boil in the bag stuff I've seen for sale is the stuff that tastes too foul to trade and gets left, like fruit dumplings and custard. :pukel:
  6. Stuff was also made by Wilsons food company as well have you tried car boot sales seen a few there ranging from 2-4 quid for a complete 24hr box
  7. There is quite a range of civvi boil in the bag stuff, good too. You should find some in any decent Outdoor shop.

    BT. :D
  8. cheers guys!!
  9. Try your local TA centre. Introduce yourself, ask to speak to the civvie storeman/driver and see if you can come to a deal. He may have surplus stock as most compo weekends we do end with cage loads of the stuff un-touched and needing a good home, it has all been accounted for just that no-one wanted it.
  10. speaking of rat packs does anyone know what make that scottish chocolate is??

    in the 4man rat packs, cereal chocolate, most of the lads arent keen on it but i wouldnt mind aquiring some of it :D
  11. I know what you mean, used to come in red and white packets, and was replaced by the yorkie bars.

    You can actually buy it.
  12. Can't remember the name though, it'll come to me if I think about it.
  13. megandavisbutler, you have a PM
  14. Duncan's chocolate I belive.

    Every packet I ever had was white and mouldy.