Army Raids Iraqi Jail?!

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What is going on? Sky and Reuters both report that the Army have raided a jail in Basrah to rescue two soldiers. Ok, it might not be pleasant to be held in the local nick after shooting a couple of police, but using armour to crash down walls?! Have we totally lost the plot? I thought that we were supporting the official government?
I cannot see how this will win hearts and minds, and I am sure that the rest of the prisoners (also wrongly imprisoned perhaps?) just decided to stay in the nick rather than escape through the wall.
For once, I am with the Lib Dems - let's get out now. We are fighting all sides it seems!
I agree. Get the chuff out of there now. The soldiers arrest militants, and the locals go mad at them for it. Then arrest two soldiers! Sod them all, let's pull out.
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