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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by singha61, Dec 4, 2008.

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  1. heard this on the radio had to hear it several time to get all the detail.
    Starts with rain falling then voice over "16k a year, 6 weeks paid leave a year, Free health and Dental care and a Pension. Find shelter from today´s financial crisis in the Army. Text FUTURE to 61110"
  2. Army radio avert!!!

    Is that a Freudian slip per chance?!!!! :D
  3. I saw a similar TV advert the other night.

    This credit crunch is the ideal recruitment tool.
  4. Sooner have a guy who wants to join rather than a guy who can't find a job outside so uses us as a last resort.
  5. Dunno about that - I think maybe people otherwise not interested might be swayed with the security, then turn out to be top soldiers who find out they really enjoy the job.

    It's not as if some people already don't join for the money/security.
  6. They lied about the Dental care. It might be free.....but once you've left training, try finding a dentist. The health care isn't much to speak of either. Pension? What a f*cking cheek. They've already robbed you of any pension worth having. As for the last part....the lengths some people will to to eh?

    The money would be better spent looking after those who are still in. And finding some f*cking dentists.
  7. If I were 30 years younger and given the current situation I would be inclined to join . lies or not .

    Sadly I saw the newspaper ad in the Sun during the week , placed alongside an item and picture of another of our fallen returning home, brings it home to you.

  8. I don't know about that, so long as they commit what's the problem?

    In fact, that pretty well sums my circumstances from my yoof and probably many others who are serving, or have served as well.
  9. O`BOY they make it sound so glam dont they ? ------------------NOW WHY DONT THEY TELL THEM THE REAL TRUTH ! but they wont will they, cos it will frighten the little bastards away ! VERDICT,----- a case of pure deception, if ever i did see one ! THE M.O.D ARE BULLSHITING CONNING BASTARDS !
  10. Because all job adverts emphasise the boring parts, don't they :roll:
  11. portendown "cure for the commen cold" ring any bells ? or how about the gulf war syndrome cover up ? no, dont trust or belive them !
  12. "After three years service, a legionnaire may apply for French citizenship. There is a quicker, more painful way way: a soldier wounded in battle may apply for citizenship under a provision known as "Français par le sang versé" ("French by spilled blood"). "

    should introduce that into the british army, seeing as there becoming foreign:) sure would make the gurhka's happy :p
  13. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Here ya go mucker, heres a new tin foil hat for you!
  14. Nothing new...i'm sure plenty on here joined up during times of recession.

    It does come across as a bit despo though.