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Morning all. New guy on here and I've tried the search function but nothing I've found answers my question, and the career advisor at my local AFCO is off until the New Year so thought I'd stick a post up and see if anyone knew the answer to my rather trivial question please.

I'm 32 years old, sick of civvy life and considering joining the Forces. I've looked into all three, but before I decide which one, qualifications play a big part. Does the Army accept equivalent qualifications, or in lieu of as opposed to direct GCSE's?

I hold a BTEC First Diploma in motorsport engineering (which is equivalent for four GCSE's at Grade C). I also hold an NVQ Level One in performing engineering operations (equivalent to one GCSE at Grade D), and fundamental skills in English L2 and Mathematics L1.

My age concerns me too. Is 32 years old 'past it'?

Go for it. Too old for officer entry within the age for soldier........if you shine you can always get picked up for a commission (to be an officer) in a few years.

You seem to have more than enough qualifications. Are you fit? You should start working on your fitness, not poseur gym fitness, more your sort of ultra marathon type fitness. Not that everyone in the army is an ultra-marathoner but you should aim to be able to keep going for a couple of hours at a respectable pace.

Good luck.


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There is a table somewhere that shows what they accept but I believe all of yours are accepted. They accepted my Cert of HE and my level 3 study skills so they should accept anything ;)

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