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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by chemystery, Jan 24, 2008.

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  1. Are they still called 'Staff' regardless of rank.

    I was on a course recently and other people were calling him by his rank and he wasn't correcting them.

    I thought that was an invitation for extra PT.
  2. "Staff" generally, but we call our (RM) PTI "staff" or "Corporal" and he doesn't mind either.

    Neither is wrong essentially.
  3. If it's extra PT you're after, 'Oi Gym Queen!' should do the trick!
  4. Being a crab hofficer I call our PTIs Dave, Steve and Tom. Those are their names after all...
  5. The privileges of rank......
  6. Says it all Bat_Crab .... standards!!
  7. The privilege of having too many civie PTIs perhaps?
  8. Nope, just the complete absence of standards which is prevalent across the RAF alluded to by fanbasher.

    I had a clerk 'phone me up the other day and introduce herself as "Rachel from HR Flt" rather than "SAC Smoggins". In the best traditions of RAF officers everywhere, however, I decided that she sounded fit so didn't bother boll0cking her and invited her out for dinner instead.
  9. We're called Staff cause we're Gym Staff, i dont mind not getting called Staff, most recruits call me Staff but he older guys dont, they call me by my rank.
  10. The main thing is- did you find out she was fit in real life?

    *makes notes about RAF women*