Army PT kit.

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by NINJA69, Mar 22, 2007.

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  1. Why dont the army design a PT kit that the lads (an lassses) will be proud of wearing, instead of something that looks like its out of the 1950's.
    I'm sure they could do a good deal with a branded company with the buying power they must have.
    (No i'm not a GTI) :sentemail:
  2. Ronhils and regimental t shirt not good enough for you ?lol.
    Is anyone outside of recruits made to wear it ?
    Its not really a big army and regimental /corp id is more important to most soldiers than an army brand imho. And its just pt not a parade no one cares what you look like long as your not last .
  3. FFS. It's for PT, not a fashion parade.
  4. Oracle, please dont use pictures of me without asking first.
    No people outside the recruiting system dont need to wear it, so its a waste of money and will go in the attick with all the other junk they have issued in the past.
    Give new recruits decent gear that works and looks good and save them some money.
    PTI'S can get the latest trainers designed by the Army so where are they for the average tom.
  5. You may have inadvertently hit the nail on the head there. Issue PT kit - unlikely to be worn outside of mil PT at Phase 1 trg and therefore sits in the attic for 20+ years (29 in my case). Cost to HMG - peanuts.

    Gucci civilian (albeit issued) PT kit - will be worn on every possible occasion and renewed a multitude of times. Cost to HMG - lots of bags of peanuts.

    PS. That's my picture.
  6. fitter recruits, happier soldiers, better retention, plus they will sell better on the car booties.
  7. And we end up like the septics who seem to only allow their soldiers to were uniform uniform or uniform PT kit.

    Why bother there's no need and soldiers are always going to have to buy their own civi running kit anyway because they won't be allowed to wear issue kit when running on their own because of Persec issues.
  8. msr

    msr LE

    Because wearing silver shadows gives away your whole identity?

  9. american army get issued nike green pt kit i believe! why not something similar for us?
  10. Everyone should run in DAPS!

    Well aside from issuing proper running shoes what's the problem with baggy navy blue shorts and a v-necked red T-shirt?
    I can see a case for issuing a long sleeved "vest" and a pair of Ron Hills but that's it.

    We used to do most PT in red v-neck vest, Trousers Lightweight and boots CH.

    A corps/unit t-shirt is up to the individual soldier. Nobody's going to complain about someone running in an issue vest.
  11. Oh course! We can pay for it with the stacks of cash we've just been given from the Chancellor.
  12. We should get an annual trainers expense, that way people could choose the quality of trainer they buy. Issued ronhills are the way forward. As are issued regimental T shirts, which people are made to purchase - wrong.
  13. There are some valid points, its just that i seen a couple of new lads get there issue kit the other day and they looked like nobs and thought the pt kit was a waste of money as it would end up in the attick.
    A least its one up from a string vest and plimsoles and two up from doing it in no trainers and in your underpants.
    I dont think wearing army trainers would pose a security risk as you dont hear of many fishermen being killed for mistaken identity due to wearing a combat jacket.
    Dont get me wrong the kit IS good enough to get joe public on the ladder if he is poor and has no kit and its good enough for basic training as its uniform for all personnel.
    So what if you get people exchanging their trainers every 6 months, as long as they are putting them to good use and keeping fit.
    Mine are like museum exhibits, in the museum of crap kit in my attic with my light weights and wooly jumper.
    But with problems of retention throughout the Army any improvements are a bonus. (I know people wont stay because they get issued a pair of Rons Hills for the old guys or a hoody for the boys in the Crib).
    The powers that be can't talk about money as it would only take imagination and good business sence to procure the right kit.
    I bet like everything else the Army buys over the counter the pt kit is over priced for the quality.
  14. Don't know about anyone else here but when I signed up It was one pt shirt red, one pt shirt white - I was like white wtf!

    They still issue the brilliant wearable daz challenge?

    Talk about impracticle. OK lads, heres a hill, get muddy, oh, I've just seen a brook, off you go swim... But its only 3 inches deep... I said swim!
  15. I belive not - the Army wear Grey/Black and it certainly isn't Nike branded, the USMC green. Also IIRC authough they get an initial issue they have to maintain it themselves (they get some form of allowance).