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I have my BARB tests on the 8th january and i have just had a letter about a 17 week course at lackham college. An Army Preperation course. Has anyone been on this before? why have they sent me this? will this slow my application up? i have to go to a selection day for this where i take part in 1.5 mile run and situps and pressups so im guessing that if i do well in these i may not need to take the course?
rimsey84 said:
I think the aim of the course is to bolster individuals who are young when they join, usually 17 and or lack fitness, self confidence. Don't qoute me on it as I am certainly not in the know about recruiting.

I did google it and got this result:
The Aim of the APC is to develop young potential recruits who could be considered lacking in one area or another, such as physically or educational ability, weight issues (whether it's over or under) or for those who aren't very confident and need bringing out of their shell.

It's also for those who feel they could benefit with some formal structured training in order to improve their chances of a first time pass at ADSC.

The courses are run by as a joint venture between the Army and the College with an Army SNCO as a mentor who's there not only to help you with your application but to also help you understand what the Army is about and to help motivate you towards your goal of joining.

Apparently about 90% of those who finish one of these courses pass ADSC whereas normally it's (and don't quote me on this) about 60-70% for first attempts.

It's a good idea, because it offers younguns a chance of getting in.


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I've done it and as you train on the course you still do your Army application. You will go up to ADSC when on the course and have a better chance of passing, you can also stay on the course if you pass to keep in good condition for phase 1. Personally I didn't enjoy it massively, but it got my run time down and my heaves doubled. Even if you do a 2 weeks and decide it isn't for you, at least you know the standard of fitness you need to achieve and can work from that in your own time.

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