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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Jen-L-C, Feb 21, 2009.

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  1. Hi,

    I'm going on an army preparation course in April and was wondering if anyone has been on one before?

    Just wondering what to expect?

  2. is it a look at life course kinda thing? what is it your joining? infantry, reme etc
  3. going in as a CMT. its 11 weeks working on fitness and doing some academic stuff. I'm hoping that someone on arrse has been on one
  4. hmmm never heard of ones that long before. do you go straight to training after it?

    guys in my platoon did a 3 week one for the infantry before then went straight to training the next week.
  5. no, it's meant to get your fitness up to army standard. my AFCO have said that after the course I can do my selection and should (hopefully) pass it
  6. awww right. is it just ran by your recruiting office?
  7. no, they do them up and down the country as far as i'm aware.
  8. The Hamilton ACIO run a thing called "R U up for it" every friday in which they basically drill you into the ground doing circuits and games to improve fitness before going to selection or basic. They also do practice and training for you 1.5 on Mondays. Been to it a few times, its pretty worthwhile. Apparently they're one of the only offices that run the RUUPfor it.

    If its the same thing I would reccomend going. Gives you a bit of an ideaa of how fit you should be before getting to selection or basic.
  9. I have heard these are nails.
  10. is nails meant to be good or bad? :?
  11. neither. nails is hard. hence the expression 'hard as nails'
  12. hey i went on 1 with a company called nacro, got me into army as a cmt, start in may, they are really worth it, mine was 13 weeks, they fastrack your application
  13. what sort of stuff did you do on the course phil?
  14. fitness, boxing, adventure training, shotting on residentials to amry barracks, etc, oo and went and did the steeple chase at catterick
  15. Hey that sounds like a good thing do you have to be a certain age to do it?