Army prep course before selection bit confused.

Ive been trying to re join the army for a about 10 months now or maybe longer i cant remember , ive done all the paper work and interviews, and yorkshire warrior course, and had a couple of reports written on me to check if ive changed since i last was in training...

My recruitment advisor been keeping me upto date and stuff so its all going well, im now just waiting for my medical forms to come back , then i do another interview and then selection and then hopefuly a start date..

Ok so my problem is that ive been asked if i want to go on a preperation course before my training which will run from 19 march till june, he said i need to book this in through connections, problem is hes quite new and i feel a right twat askin all the baby babelin questions but im in a bit of a situation...

I dont even know whether you get meals while your there, and im gunna be quiting my current job to do the course...i dont wanna not do the course and then that delay my application or mess up my application..

So if i quit my job i have no money, if i have to buy my own food while im there its gunna be a bit of an issue since ive got no family that can help me out..

Does anyone know which course i mean ? i confused...

im 20..
I couldnt either, tried googling it , tried to find 'conections' website, as far as i can remember connections is company that offer courses n stuff.

Ill just nip into a connections see what they say if i can find one. Kinda told the recruitment advisor i would go on course, not really knowin anything bout it , guess ill find out tmz thanks for reply mate

edit* oh someone replied same time.
Just do phys in your own time and quite work a bit later so you have some cash for when you go to Catterick. Besides, it would be shit if you had to change your address to "a hedge" prior to being given a start date for basic.
with me re-enlistin though do you not think it would be better me doing the course ? would have thought i need every browny point i can get for when my final interview and stuff...

plus my job sucks...i sell central heating cover to vunerable old people over the phone, and 97pct of people tell me to fcuk off in a polite way...drags like fuwck.

thanks alot desktopcommando i just kept seeing loads of diferrent ones, im not a google master like you.

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