Army policy on performance enhancers-please help

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by wannabe-the-best, Jan 19, 2008.

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  1. Hi all,
    I'm new to arrse, so hopefully this is the right place to post a few questions like these!
    Firstly, I am applying to Sandhurst this summer through my school, so obviously I am slightly reserved about making enquires of this nature while I'm still there! Several months ago I did a course of anabolic steroids, one of these being deca-durabol. Unfortunately, the detection time of this would coincide with my application. So my question is, what is the Army's stance on previous drugs use? Should I come clean, or play the waiting game until it is all out of my system?
    Secondly, what opportunities are there both at Sandhurst and once with ones regement with regards to gym use, specifically for weight training as opposed to circuits, cardio work etc? After years of hard work in the gym it seems a shame to take a retrograde step in size, if the case is that weight training opportunies are limited.
    It would be awesome if anyone could let me no on either of these subjects, as the Army is what I have always wanted to do, and regret jepardising my entry!
    Cheers in advance, :D
  2. Wannabee: folks on here are v sensitive about use/misuse of drugs inc anabolic steroids. Understandable, given the stance of the Army.

    General rule of thumb is that the Army depends on integrity and so lying or covering something up is frowned upon. Be honest.

    Another general rule is that the Army prefer folks to reach physical fitness by natural means. They dont like misuse of steroids as, apart from legal issues, it can have a detrimental effect on overall health.

    I am unable to give an accurate answer to your question, maybe recruiters/those in the know can, but what I can say is that you must be absolutely certain that you will not use them again if you plan to join up.


    PS: No moralising required, please just answer the question and keep on topic. VMT.
  3. I like the gym as well, but to be honest, cardiovascular and muscular stamina/fitness is probably more important than brute strength for a soldier.

    Personally, I would ditch the Gear, keep pumping iron but make sure you do plenty of running etc as well. Most regiments will have some weight training equipment, though depending on where you are stationed and fro how long, you may want to join a gym outside of barracks.

    Best of luck to you, mate.
  4. Why would you need to join a civvie gym?

    In this day and age every Unit has adequate equipment (even on Ops) to cater for your needs.

    I find that quote a little strange, care to elabourate?.

    Edited for mongness :oops:
  5. msr

    msr LE


  6. Pangur,
    Thanks for your quick reply, and yep I completely understand the honesty angle, so of course I would never lie in an interview or in a trust situation where your entering an organisation where trust etc could one day save the lives of your oppos.
    With regards to the fitness through natural the time overall fitness was not my aim, it was merely to become a tank! Now I'm the size I want to be, I don't need steroids or want to use them either. So nope, won't be using gear in the forces.
    Thanks for the PS too.. much appreciated.
    Also, sorry to be a pain but any info on the subject of weight training in the forces? I've seen a few massive lads bowling about barracks etc while i was on a fam visit with 29 cdo, but that might have just been their connection with the marines and their love for PTI beach bodies!
  7. I've been out for a while, and we used to have just basic kit: Universal Multi Gym etc.

    If the laddie is into hardcore weight training/bodybuilding, he'll need free weights and lots of them, Olympic Barbells etc. So it might be better, if he has the time, to join a specialised civvie gym.

    My earlier comment still stands, however; cardio is more important for a serving soldier than brute strength most of the time. How much you can Bench does not form part of your BFT. :D
  8. James.

    You have been very honest & open and deserve respect for that. I am not a muscle mechanic nor ex Infantry (infact I am retired & on crutches with a torn knee ligament !). Stamina & high CV fitness are vital in the Army at all ranks in Peace/Training/War/Ops.

    I concur with FrankCastle's post. You will find that you will meet like minded folk & be able to train with good guys but bin the auld steroids. CDT was quite new when I left in 1995. In those days I think it was for Class A/B/C drugs and am not sure if it can detect steroid use. The bottom line is that the party line of the MoD is not to use steroids. I stand to be corrected. If any PTI's are online and wish to expand please follow on.

    Anyway all the best at your RCB hope you are successful.

  9. Without trying to be overly argumentative, I think you have greater hurdles than past steroid misuse if you wish to enter Sandhurst as a potential leader of men.

    With regard to your point as to the gym facilities, I would think that you will be kept busy enough with your training to not really worry about a “retrograde step in size”.

    And once at your regiment, although self-fitness is of course important, as a young officer surely the well being and welfare of your Platoon will be your number one 24-7 priority, not individual muscle size and definition.

    Maybe you should consider joining as an OR where you can focus on your self yet still do what you have always wanted. Just a thought
  10. Wow, thanks for the responces guys, all have been v helpful.
    Frank-gear was ditched at the end of the last cycle so no probs there, and yep i currently row for my school, been clocking quick times so CV is best it has ever been. Also, ta for clearing up the gym situation.
    MSR-Because I took an informed decision, based on possible side effects and probable gains and in the end the pluses outweight the minuses.
    58-If I wanted to I could basically hide (physiologically) the fact that i had with ease- as the case of Marion Jones shows, just because you test negative it doesn't mean you haven't- but I'd feel like a total w-nker and fraud.
    So once again guys, cheers for all the responces, anyone else feel free to comment etc!
  11. Most Military Gyms have the most upto date date kit Frank.

    I agree with your cardio bit though.

    I have a young LCpl who is heavily into weights and Rugby, so cant pass his PFT (old BFT), and because he is only acting, will lose his rank within the next 2 weeks if he doesn't pass.
  12. CAAPRS-equally not trying to be a prick, but could you elaborate on these particular hurdles, as I don't follow you?
    Also, bodybuilding happens to be a hobby of mine, and as I'm sure you also have at least one (no sarcasm there) that you occupy yourself with in down time its a bit of an odd comment to say that I'd be too 'busy' to do what I love.
    Fair point again with regards to care of your platoon, but i'm sure 5 hours a week dedicated to any particular hobby are not going to adversely affect a group of experienced soldiers under (hopefully!) my charge.
    Pardon my ignorance, but OR would be what?
    Cheers again,
  13. Wannabe, Sandhurst is not the cakewalk that some people think.

    As CAARPS has said it is very time intensive, so you probably won;t have loads of spare time to yourself.

    What is your cardio fitness like? I would suggest that you concentrate more on that for now.

    Just MHO.
  14. Heid-Again, sorry but I'm not sure what my particular hurdles would be related to my past usage...through my contact with the forces I know and fully appreciate RMAS would be my biggest challenge to face so far, but I don't understand how using steriods in the past would affect my performace there?
    Fair play with the time point, but again an hour every other day or so may (hopefully) be possible.
    As for cardio, running is reasonable, fittest player in my 1st XV in that respect, rowing is the same story really, so although I'm big my cardio is surprising. Running 5 miles in 35 at the moment, not sure how that stacks up in the military but I hope its a reasonable attempt.
  15. Sorry mate, I am not trying to be obtuse, however, the reason I made the comments is the question you asked is not normally top of the information priority list for potential officers.

    You are about to embark on one of the most intense periods of your life so far. You are about to spend a year of immense pressure learning new skills on a daily basis. You will have a very adequate physical training regime and will have very little time where you actually choose what to do.

    To be fair once you leave Sandhurst (depending on Arm or Service) you will have more time, however, being no expert on weights 5 hours a week does not seem very much to maintain bulk.

    OR is other rank, normal enlisted soldier, you are able to concentrate on yourself and if you decide to push for promotion or follow personal goals, it’s your decision.

    Good luck in whatever you choose