Army pleads for more troops after Afghanistan firefight

MILITARY commanders have demanded an extra 600 British troops for Afghanistan after a series of suicide bombings and a firefight against hundreds of Taliban.

Officers have also warned that unless restrictions are relaxed on when soldiers can open fire the Taliban may inflict major losses.

Commanders complain that John Reid, the defence secretary, has tried to prevent news of attacks coming out :?: and that they cannot make even the most minor military decision without referring it to his office for approval. So far, actions in southern Afghanistan have left at least five soldiers wounded, two seriously.

“The government is hiding the truth from the public,” one senior officer said last week. “I am sure they believe that if Afghanistan turns sour it will bring down the prime minister.

“If they don’t send more troops than the single battle-group that is going now, and allow them to do their job properly by giving them robust rules of engagement, then I can pretty much guarantee it will turn sour.”,,176-2147806,00.html
The rules of engagement are quite clear. If you believe your life is in danger you can open fire, simple as! The two seriously wounded soldiers mentioned above drove over a mine which had been washed into a wadi. There was no Taliban input. At present Iraq poses a much more significant danger. I think some people are just flapping though i'm sure if we start destroying the opium production we're going to be in a world of shit!
ROE arent well understood by joe public. They are known by the military to being slightly less than hamstrung. ROE should fit the battlefield and the anticipated methods of your enemy. Along with some others on here, we arent fighting a conventional war, but battles of cut and run.

Gloves off, use the weapons provided, call in airstrike after after strike and dont play by one sided rules will get the job done.

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