Army plans for super garrison

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Styron, Dec 1, 2005.

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  1. Army plans for 'super garrison'
    BBC News
    30 November 2005

    Col Millen said the plans would benefit local residents and soldiers

    Details of £1bn expansion plans for the British Army's largest base at
    Catterick have been unveiled.

    The base is one of the Ministry of Defence's highest priorities to become
    a so-called 'super garrison'.

    Proposals include 2,500 new houses, leisure facilities, retail outlets and up
    to five new barrack blocks.

    The development will see the North Yorkshire garrison's total population grow
    from 18,500 to 25,000 over the next 15 to 20 years.

    As part of the changes, soldiers will also be stationed at Catterick for longer,
    to give them and their families more stability and enhance their quality of life.

    'Seamless garrison'

    Work has already begun on new accommodation blocks for single soldiers and
    construction of a £15m leisure centre is due to start in 2006.

    Commander of Catterick Garrison Col Nick Millen said the project was about
    developing retail and leisure opportunities for the wider community as well as
    providing barracks for the soldiers.

    "This isn't going to happen overnight," he said. "Of course we must consult with
    the public and of course we will consult with them but consultation does not
    necessarily mean agreement.

    "I think it would be naive to pretend that every aspect of this is going to be
    regarded by every person who lives here as a step forward and a bonus.

    "I hope that the end result is a seamless garrison that meets service needs
    and those of the wider community."
  2. I always suspected that was the governments definition of a consultation...
  3. For an example of this, see what Canada has done. i.e. CFB Edmonton.

    It will mean closure of other garrisons.

    Will these 'super garrisons' become regional? Some in England, one in Scotland, one in Wales?
    when is 'Unification' coming?
  4. They may not become regional per se, but as Gordon Brown wants to move government officials away from the more expensive South East, we can expect the majority of the bases/Garrisons to be in the North/ South West.

    Fortunately this ties in with the general recruitment coverage of the Army which is predominantly in the North.

    My guess would be Catterick, Edinburgh/Southern Scotland, Tidworth, Colchester, Bulford. I think we can expect a regeneration of a barracks in Wales (poss St Athan) although it may not actually be the Welsh Div that will be based there.

    Alternatively we can stay in Iraq and Afghanistan with a Bde in each for the foreseeable future, and the remainder of the Army can hotbed through the spare barracks!!!!!

  5. you mean we'll get accomodation that isn't falling to pieces? That'd be amazing but I don't believe it for a second..