Army plan to tackle troops’ yob culture

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Temple, Feb 24, 2008.

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    Apologies if this has already been posted (I've not seen it if it has). The article from the Sunday Times talks about a new plan which looks remarkably like the Values and Standards we already do. Or am I missing something?

    "SOLDIERS are to be given morality training by the army and will receive good conduct stripes to reward them for living up to the army’s values." ...."One insider predicted that the stripes would be collected as avidly as badges by Scouts." - I don't know who the "insider" is but I don't think they know much about the squaddy mentality.
  2. The RN issues good conduct badges to ratings up to and including the rate of Petty Officer. You get one for each 4 years served that you haven't been in the crap and you're allowed up to three in total. CPO's and above don't wear them.

    Who the hell are they kidding? Personally, I don't give a monkeys about Good Conduct badges. I've got all of mine, have never been in the shite and to be honest am not particularly bothered about them. Roll on my LS & GC medal in a few years though-that means a lot more to me than GC badges (not much more but you know what I mean).
  3. Haven't good conduct stripes been around for years?
  4. Can't see how this is a change from the existing system that is in place.

    And that includes GC Stripes which are used by many units, but not neccesarily all. Esp for Ptes. IIRC NCOs don't wear them.
  5. I got my long service and never been caught medal a few years back, what does it really prove. IMHO all it proves is that you have never been caught, had good bosses or mates who kept you out of the sh*t or would take you out the back and give you a slap rather than fill out reems of paperwork.
  6. Iron, shouldn't that be REMEs of paper, :wink:
  7. It was more than a few years back!
  8. Good conduct stripes used to be worn by LCpl and Private soldiers only. I remember a REME LCpl back in 67 (19 to those of you who think I'm even older) who refused promotion to Cpl as he would have lost his 9 stripes going down. They were given for every 2 years service but, apart from him, I don't think I ever saw anyone else wearing them so it may have been a hangover from earlier days. He was on the RP staff at the SEE in Arborfield at the time.
  9. Cheeky sod, Seb and Scotty are down here with me at the moment from the LAD in 2001, I think all three of of you young scrotes used to get a friendly dig off of your old Stripey then to cut out your yob culture :wink: . Problem is a few of you could be my boss in the next year or so before I escape. :(
  10. I read that entire article as a badly disguised dig at the armed forces.

    Three words that stuck out as I was reading it were "illiterate", "yob" and "murder". I also resent the word "squaddie" being used in a Times article.

    And what the fcuk is a moral and ethical "aide memoire” going to do?

    I deeply despise the politically driven H&S PC bullsh.t which has corrupted every other public service to such an extent. Please don't destroy the armed forces in the same manner.

    Edited for being an innumerate mong. :oops:
  11. Agreed.
    What's wrong with the old....
    Sarge. " Well lads when you are on the town tonight are you going to do anything to bring disrepute to the name of the Regiment?"
    Soldier. "Ooh I hope so Sarge."

    Patton said " A man who cannot fcuk, cannot fight". A pertinent comment.

    Perhaps that should be adapted to a man who cannot fcuk, get legless with his mates, throw up a prawn fried rice and twelve pints in the bus-stop, piss in his mate's beer and watch him drink it, and a whole series of totally non- PC things which I am sure you can think of, and the next day do a ten-miler in the rain with a hangover, cannot fight.

    Pansies can't fight they just look good in the meadow.
  12. I hate drinking in squaddie towns. There's nothing worse than drunk soldiers, even when you're one yourself. However, the attributes which make drunk soldiers so troublesome are the very same which make them so good at what they do.
  13. If "innumerate" had been included, would you have been offended by four words? ;)

    I like the idea of the temperance medals, though. Perhaps they could also come up with a "Packing in smoking" medal. Would it be mounted between the gallantry and ops medals?
  14. People should not be rewarded for good behaviour, it should be expected as most of us would also refer to it as normal behaviour.

    On the flip side bad behaviour should be thrashed, how about some more education for commanders and how they will be supported when they grip someone.
  15. The press and chattering classes would do well to remember the words of Whoeverthef@ck "..... depends upon rough men waiting in the dark, ready to visit violence upon those who would harm them..." (or something like that)
    Whatta bunch of PC tripe
    BTW , anyone know the real quote and author?