Army Pets and Mascots

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Bossdog, Nov 5, 2005.

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  1. Just saw a thread referring to a terrier at a PB in Northern Ireland. Just wondered how many adopted animals there have been whilst on various tours???

    I know of three....

    Sipovo, Bosnia 2004: TA medic adopts puppy "Meca" and brings it home to the UK, costing thousands.

    Middletown PSNI , Co.Armagh: "Tripod", a three-legged terrier. Lives in the PB now and cared for by the troops. Used to go out on patrol.

    Rosslea PSNI, Co.Fermanagh: A german shepherd which I believe savaged a padre's dog?
  2. One of the Jock units in the GW1 had a dog that went by the name NIAAD on account of it dropping dead if we got a chemical attack. As far as I know it was brought back by them.
  3. 4 Regt Army Air Corps had a small dog called 'Switch'

    It was adopted by 659 squadron and practically lived between the SQMS truck and the CVRT CPs...

    I think it was either shot or eaten prior to our return to BAOR :D
  4. Belize 89-90, 24 Sqn RCT had a dog that was lovingly called Cnut chops, he only answered to this name. On a Monday morning Sqn parade, due to the arrival of a new OC he was proudly stood alongside the troops.

    New OC: "ahh, whats the dog called Cpl Floppyjocky ?
    Me: "Cnut chops" Sir
    OC: "Thats hardly appropriate is it, can we call him sprocket ?
    Me: "Yes Sir, you can call him sprocket, c'mon cnut chops lets go get some rats!"