Army personnel strength down again

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by hackle, Sep 29, 2008.

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  1. The official Defence Analytical Services and Advice (DASA) have just published the latest set of statistics known as TSP 05 - Regular Forces Outflow from Trained Strength to Civil Life (LINK) as of 1 Aug 08.

    There is a range of tables for officers and other ranks of the three services. A quick glance suggests that in many cases the outflow rate has been steadily increasing from a base figure around 2003.

    Trained strength in Regular Army Other Ranks fell from 81,640 on 30 Jun 07 to 80,250 on 30 Jun 08, a net loss of 1,390 in 12 months.
  2. "Funny"
    The danish net los is the same per year.
  3. The arguement on recruitment or retention still rages though... :roll:
  4. msr

    msr LE

    Does this include TA?

  5. These particular stats are regular forces only. Tri-service.
  6. I think the last set of figures for "TSP 07 - UK Reserves and Cadets Strengths" were wef Apr 07 and were published late Sep 07, so there should be an update out soon?
  7. If you keep in the people that you have for a bit longer, then you won't have to struggle so hard to recruit people to replace those that left long before the latest recruits even thought of joining up...!

    How many 'Gapped' post's are there out in the Regiments that can't be filled by someone, either at all, or by someone with the correct rank..?
  8. Its often said on ARRSE that an economic downturn would see a surge in recruiting, which could bring in enough blokes to make rotation slightly less severe for those currently serving, and thereby help retention.

    Well, a recession is surely on its way, so this is a real possibility.

    I do wonder though. Given the emphasis on spending on big bits of armoured vehs / other UORs, & the huge implications that the Credit Crunch has for public spending, would we have enough money to train, equip and pay an increase in recruiting?

    In short, could the MoD actually afford the holy grail of full manning?

    I don't understand the details of funding, and would be grateful to hear from any of you who do...

  9. There is already at least 1 million people on the dole and none of them seem to want to take the Queen shilling.
    Benefits are alot higher now than they were in the last recession.
  10. 'Benefits are alot higher now than they were in the last recession.'

    But for how long? We are already deeply in hock and the latest bank nationalisations put us even deeper. Put quite bluntly, there are too many non-productive mouths (of all types) to feed. Cyclops has 2 options: either drastically cut public spending (which he is psychologically unable to do) or borrow even more (and raise taxes drastically to pay for it). There will come a time in the near future when no one will lend us any more money (just like the '70s).
  11. Why work when you can Sponge.

    The recession V's recruitment thing holds some strength. But during the last recession in the 90's the Army wasn't really doing much, and obviously things are a bit different today.

    Linked into that is the dependency on state that many of the youth become conditioned to in the last 10 years. Just going to college earns you £30 per week, with three bonuses of £100 for good measure. May not be much, but it's still £1500, plus whatever a student can make in Mcdonalds, and it all funds a cushty lifestyle of parental and state handouts to fund that period of adolescence.
  12. You only get the handout if your parents earn something like £25,000, and only runs from 16-18, unless they've changed the system. And how exactly does working at McDonalds at the same time give you a 'cushy lifestyle'. That would mean that the student is working AND studying.
  13. You obviously don't have teenagers in your household.. :D

    Your household income
    To qualify for EMA in the academic year starting in September 2008 your annual household income must be below £30,810 (for tax year 2007/2008).

    And there’s good news if you have a part-time job – any money you earn isn’t included in your overall household income.

    up to £20,817 per year £30 per week
    £20,818 - £25,521 per year £20 a week
    £25,522 - £30,810 per year £10 a week
    more than £30,810 per year no entitlement to EMA

    I was recently on a civilian course, and one of the delegates was a college tutor who was retraining as he'd had enough. He said that loads of tutors were leaving as EMA has single handedly destroyed the College System. Many of the 'Easier' subjects are now plagued with youngsters that just want to do the minimum and get the money. Many of the courses at the Vocational Colleges are only 2 days a week, this means that the youth can then do 'part-time' work for the rest of the week.

    EMA has got nothing to do with education, it's about conditioning the Nu Labour voters of the future. If it was about education, ALL kids would get it. How can you have two kids on a course that both hand in all there work on time but one gets £30 and the other gets nothing..? It's UTTER Bollox.

    If you can stomach it,
  14. Why on earth would you want to hand taxpayer's money to children whose parents can afford to keep them? And let's face it, the kind of feckless wasters who do a 2-day a week pottery course are hardly likely to turn up to vote on polling day - and indeed that goes for all benefit scroungers.
  15. It will be interesting to see the figures for the next 2 years. The wont really reflect current outflow as those who would be out 2009/10 have just been given 2 extra years.

    That said, who can blame people for leaving with the current Op interval?