Army personnel abandoned post TELIC

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Outstanding, May 21, 2006.

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  1. Jesus, Mary & Joseph, how the hell can a British Soldier Wounded in Action be basically "Dumped" with no follow-on care once he returns home? Thats a F-en outrage, & then told to take his uniform off as it might offend? All this because he's TA, & not a Regular? Thats incredibly shamefull, it's basically pissing on his service.
  2. Totally... totally unacceptable. The TA should have the same med support as the regs whether deployed or not.

    Its about time the Govt and the MOD started to put the Med Services back together and re-open the BMH's they closed, instead of using the staff as 'cheap fill in' on the NHS then maybe they could prevent this from happening.

    In fact I belive the med support should be extended to include the immediate families of serving personnel as well. Although the Govt would have to put it all back together again first!
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  4. There are many who'd agree. Not New Labour, however, who are already reaping the rewards of their NHS policies. In any case, service personnel needing psychiatric treatment are dealt with by the Priory Group, owned by Chai Patel, the Labour donor and would-be peer. They aren't likely to take big contracts away from those who support them, even when they are less effective and more expensive than keeping the sevice-run facilities open.
  5. Disgusting.

    The absolute minimum that the TA should receive is equality.

    Not exactly a good advertisement for recruitment.

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  8. You are correct, as far as I can see, though I haven't seen anything official laying down exactly what's on offer. So far, it seems that TA personnel will have access to DCMHTs, who will not be getting any more personnel or resources.

    I suspect that access to all DMS facilities will be the next announcement, with perhaps the inclusion of TA personnel in the new Sickness Absence Management scheme (another more work, no resources initiative), to ensure that those sick at home are seen regularly.
  9. The program of closing BMHs was established under the last Tory government and began in the early 1990's largely as a result of Options for Change. There were good clinical reasons why the AMS (and DMS) were moved nearer the NHS, not least of all the experience doctors, nurses and other clinical staff got in BMHs was very limited. That said it does not sound good that this TA chap was effectively discharged from Selly Oak back into the care of his GP and subsequently required numerous surgical procedures. Why was he not kept on the books of the regular army (as all mobilised TA are effectively regular soldiers for the duration) until he was fit to be discharged from both clinical care and the regualr army.
  10. The history is well known and is, well, history! There were alternatives that would have improved the training and experience of staff but we got what we got. Unfortunately, MDHUs and particularly RCDM seem to have been chosen on a 'lowest bidder' basis. My own experience of working in MDHUs is that whilst Trust management understand what it's all about many of the staff don't, and they are unwilling to adapt to the needs of military patients.

    In the case described, it seems that the patient arrived at Selly oak but wasn't admitted at all. I have heard of cases where civilian nurses at Selly Oak have been really quite hostile with military patients, and queryin why they have been sent there - though they'd know if they read the notes, and saw that the consultant had accepted them.

    One of the major problems for TA personnel injured on ops is that so far they have been deliberately demobilised at the earliest possible opportunity, and then left to the NHS.
  11. Christ, what can you say to that, I know I shouldn’t be shocked, by any of the comments in that article, as we have come to expect this sort of treatment under the Blair Reich, but I am.

    To treat people in such a way after they have given so much especially from the personal perspective for T.A. Soldiers is simply a crime. We have Recruitment problems now in the Regular Army, but with reports and articles like this one coming out on a weekly basis, are going to create monstrous problems for the Future of the Army and Territorial Army.

    I just hope the people affected in that article do get some recompense for their troubles, and I wish them well for the future.
  12. If nothing happens to change this disgraceful situation, I suggest that those wounded and abandoned may want to consider turning up for a a future "group appointment" at Selly Oak, in uniform and with the media present. That would keep the MoD spin doctors - the only resource accorded any priority - working overtime!
  13. Some good commentary so far , and a subject that is vitally important .

    Please bear in mind this forum is read at the very highest levels , and things you say here, may cause people in a position to make a difference to say "You know what , I'm going to look at this more closely"

    Therefore keep the commentary coming, and if solutions or shortfalls can be highlighted, it may well have some effect.