Army pensions?


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i have just got back from Brecon where one of my DS informed me that i was entitled to an army pension as i had done 3 operational tours which when added together put me as serving well over the 2 year minimum requirement. although such a pension would be a relatively small it would be useful when the time comes if the DS wasnt talking out of his arse.

anyone know if the is any truth in what he said?
Once you have served on FTRS for 2 years or more (aggregated service counts) you qualify for a preserved pension at 60. When you signed your FTRS paperwork there is a sentence/paragraph that says you can opt in or opt out of the FTRS pension scheme. If you are signing paperwork to go on Ops, I would suggest you really do need to opt in as, if the worst happens, it also gives you death in service benefits (not much good to you, but possibly help those you may leave behind).

Check the copy of the paperwork you should have recived.

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