Army Pensions Should NOT be a Substitute to State Benefits

Army Pensions Should NOT be a Substitute to Benefits - e-petitions

Nothing cloak and dagger here and happy to stand up and be counted

Please sign by all means, please if it rocks your boat jump all over me and shell me with no end of abuse (very few posts/threads on this site attract non-abusive comments, such is the world we live), I’ve probably been called worse by various QM’s/CO’s in my time and can live with it

Nothing ventured
That is seriously gay.

Pays your money, takes your choice.


why should a service pension be treated to any other?
You are pissing in the wind there mate. Even savings count against benefits etc so your best bet is get yourself a job!
I hate to be the one to break this to you but you joined the army and not the Imperial Roman Legions, there is no farm in Britania with slave girls to shag when you finish your service.

If they were counting compensation for injury as income I would have a problem but they aren't doing that are they?

It's a works pension, you got it early in comparison to most, that means you can take perhaps a less well paid job than before and still maintain the same income stream, you also get to keep claiming once you get your state pension as well.




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