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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Cr33p, Nov 17, 2008.

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  1. Hi,
    I have been asked to supply a reference number for my army pension for reasons i wont go into. however i am nowhere near the pension age and have had no details of it since i left the army 9 years ago. Who would i contact to find this out? I have tried 118118 for the Glasgow office using exact address and postcode from the P60 i get every year. But they couldnt find a number. so they gave me the MOD Operator number which never gets answered. Any one still in working in this area that may be able to give me some pointers would really really help


  2. Although Army pension office is in Glasgow pensions are paid by "Paymaster" who are based in Crawley.

    Sutherland House
    Russell Way
    RH10 1UH

    08701 971 510.

    You could try them & see if they know anything.
  3. Thanks for that
  4. As you are not at pensionable age, you should use your service number as a reference.

    You will not receive a payment reference from the Paymaster until you receive your pension.

    Contact for Army Pensions in Glasgow is 0800-085-3600
  5. what the bloke said about pensions been paid by "a paymaster in crawley" is utter bolloxs, they get get squared away in APC Glasgow and u need to ring 0141 224 3600
  6. just dont expect glasgow to be able to help! - they will pass your details on to the pensions people who will write you in about 28 days.
  7. I think you may need to check your facts before making such bold posts!! Pensions are paid by Xafinity Paymaster based in Crawley although the initial assasment is done by SPVA>

  8. oldbaldy

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    Those of us who get a pension known it comes via Xafinity:
    Xafinity Website
    Note that SPVA are listed as clients.
  9. My pension comes via Xafinity in Crawley.
  10. So does mine, and I get it paid abroad and the exchange rate with the Euro is crippling, no adjustment in LOA for those of us who have served!

    And anyway, I think its despicable that you draw a pension while your brother is still serving. Is that because of your incompetence when you were in and denied you a commission or that fact that he hides his?
  11. I think that the reason that I get my pension and neither of my brothers get theirs is because I left the Army and they are still serving and I believe that is how it works, are you just stupid or have you been drinking?
  12. Thanks Guys, All sorted now