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Discussion in 'Armed Forces Pension Scheme' started by tafft, Jul 19, 2012.

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  1. Gentlemen,I would appreciate any advice on the following;
    I`m a divorced 62 year old in receipt of a pension,in the event of my premature death does my pension die with me,or can it go to my next of kin [daughter].
    Thanks in advance.
  2. Tafft,

    I'd recommend contacting the Service Personnel and Veterans Association: Veterans-UK

    There are some knowledgable and helpful people here, but those guys will sort you out nice and proper!
  3. I'm pretty sure it can only be passed on to a spouse, in which case it's halved. Maybe if your daughter is a dependant things might be different. Best ask the professioanls
  4. Here you go Tafft: This has been copied from the above link and relates to benefits carried forward on a pensioner's death. Hope it helps

    "In all cases the child/children must be financially dependent on the AFPS member and aged 16 or under or receiving full-time education or training or not able to support themselves due to disability. The disability must have been present before the member’s death."

  5. The 2004 Finance Act built in an upper age limit for the pension during education - 23 yrs old. The disability mentioned above must have been suffered before age 23 too.

    The other thing to mention is marriage. You must have been married to the child's mother during your service (even if you are now divorced).
  6. Premature death? Premature to what, have you got a date in mind you'd like to expire? =\\\\
  7. Unfortunately i`ve had a few close calls FC.