Army pension v Job Seekers Allowance petition to No. 10

Discussion in 'Armed Forces Pension Scheme' started by ACTION-LOAD-SABOT, Feb 15, 2010.

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  1. Gents,

    I wonder how many of you are aware that anyone in receipt of a full Army Pension is not entitled to Job Seekers allowance if they become unemployed. A friend of mine who served in the SCOTS DG for 22 years recently became unemployed after moving house and because he gets an Army Pension he does not qualify for Job Seekers allowance. He has started a No. 10 petition to get this reconsidered. See link below. It might not help any of us but could help lads in the future who have difficulty getting settled after their Service. Please visit and sign up if you agree, we need a lot of signatures. Please distribute the link to any sites you have access to and by way of your e-mail address book.

    Wee Frankie
  2. Why does anyone think these petitions will have any effect at all?
  3. Sorry CQMS so do we just do nothing? This forum has a massive readership with the potential to have a very LOUD VOICE. Respect your right to your view but I hope you are in the minority.

    Wee Frankie
  4. My cynicism gets the better of me sometimes, there are better avenues than the No.10 petition site, a site designed to give you the impression you can influence decisions rather than the ability.
  5. CQMS, I can assure you on our own Regimental site you will find no bigger cynic than me :twisted: with not a good word for any politician no matter what party. This guy has taken a step on this road and I am happy to support him.

    Wee Frankie
  6. Why exactly should someone get a jobseekers allowance if they are getting another source of income from the state. A tom leaving at his 22 year point on the lower pay band and commutes his pension still get just short of 500 quid a month.
  7. So is his pension is more than JSA then? Or does he just want a double dip?

    A pension is classed as income.
  8. Having paid taxes for his 22 years of service I would think it was only fair he should receive it, considering he has paid for plenty of people bumming about on the dole with no intention of getting a job.
  9. Oh right so once you serve 22 years in the army not only do you get your pension you also deserve to get an extra 50 to 60 quid a week because you have paid taxes.
  10. If only they would make that information public
  11. You are still unemployed, and the fact you have paid your dues you should be entitled to it.
  12. These petititions can definitely have an impact, as part of an organised campaign. As I understand it service pension holders are not excluded from the job seekers allowance, but an occupational or personal pension will be taken into account and may result in the applicant being over the qualifying limit. This applies to all occupational pensions, not specifically service pensions.
  13. Yes I'm sure any MPs made unemployed at the next election but has a pension would get the same support should they ask for job seekers allowance.
    I must have missed the bit about only paying taxes for your own personal use.
    He gets enough money from the state, if he gets more its the taxpayer (now) who will be paying it.
  14. Well said.

    FFS, if you have a source of income then you dont NEED job seekers allowance! It's meant to be a welfare assistance, not a fcuking income top-up.
  15. JSA isn't supposed to be a reward.

    Think of it more as a lifestyle choice to tide you over until your "bad back" boat comes in.

    And before your outrage vein starts throbbing,

    a) Yes, I've been on JSA.

    b) Yes, it was reduced because of my pension.

    c) Yes, I was a brave little soldier and didn't start crying to No. 10.