Army Pension v Job Seekers allowance petition to No. 10

Discussion in 'Armed Forces Pension Scheme' started by ACTION-LOAD-SABOT, Feb 15, 2010.

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  1. Gents,

    I wonder how many of you are aware that anyone in receipt of a full Army Pension is not entitled to Job Seekers allowance if they become unemployed. A friend of mine who served in the SCOTS DG for 22 years recently became unemployed after moving house and because he gets an Army Pension he does not qualify for Job Seekers allowance. He has started a No. 10 petition to get this reconsidered. See link below. It might not help any of us but could help lads in the future who have difficulty getting settled after their Service. Please visit and sign up if you agree, we need a lot of signatures. Please distribute the link to any sites you have access to and by way of your e-mail address book.

    Wee Frankie
  2. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Probably because its a means tested benefit.
  3. Beat me to it, my mother didn't get any because my dad earned over a certain amount.
  4. Thats correct it is means tested, but should it be? Guy served his contract time, had to leave at 40, did not make himself unemployed and is then penalised for serving his country for 22 years hardly a great way to treat those who serve.

    Wee Frankie
  5. I had a recent period of unemployment, and my pension precluded getting JSA. I cant see all the petitions in the world changing this one though, it would set a very expensive precedent. I took advantage of a job seeking for professionals course that offered some very useful advice though.
  6. I was unemployed last year for 5 months and although I receive a War Pension (30% Disability) and my Army pension (Tax Free as I was medically discharged) which totals almost £400 a month I was refused JSA because my wife earnt more than £95 a week!!
  7. No, you were refused JSA because you got £40 more a week than some scroat on JSA alone!
  8. Jeez, talk about greedy. As was pointed out, it's a means tested benefit and the same would apply to anyone else who had money coming in from any other source. Or do you think someone who owns a couple of houses and gets the rent from them should also get job seekers' allowance. Perhaps this bloke should be looking for a job rather than wasting his time organising pointless petitions which are only going to piss off the vast majority of the population who don't have any chance of getting anything like as generous an occupational pension.
  9. How much is the average army pension plus leaving lump sum. if you do a full career as soldier?
  10. [align=left]

    Bill, do you get your entire pension tax free or just your War Pension? I was also Med Disch, but pay tax on my normal Army Pension, but not my War Pension. :?
  11. calculator
  12. Surely he has been rewarded for serving his country by being given a gratuity and a pension?
  13. You need too put in ranks and dates to get a estimate from the calculator. Im not in yet still in joining proccess i was just want a amount of how much say a (corporal) would get pension .

    My dad just retired from the police and got a lump sum and a pension i know its diffrent but do soldiers get a lump sum on top off there pension or do you pick one or the other?
  14. Why should army pensioners be treated differently from anyone else? He's done his time, and now has a nice generous pension that others can only dream of. What else does he want?
  15. If the army pension is under £100 a week then its not worth a **** unless you are entitled to job seekers aswell. Why should soldiers not be entitled to other benefits just because they have a army pension they have worked hard for.
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